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The information is sent to me by viewers of WEDresearch blog. If you would like to share your pre-wedding packages as well, kindly email me: 

  • Sandiego Wedding | FB Page | Jalan Ipoh - Promotion 2018: RM2688 (Pre-wedding full Package) + RM1800 (Actual day photography) for only RM3500 now!  
  • Absolute Bride | FB Page | Couple conceptual portraiture (RM4288) | 3 makeup + hairdo | 3 gowns + 3 man suit | 1 customized wedding album | 1 photo with frame | Unlimited soft copies | Deposit payment of 50% to reserve. 
  • My Diamond Wedding | SS2 - Full Package RM1988
  • The Wedding Barn Gallery | Desa Park City | - Pre-wedding KL RM4171: Gowns | Make up & Styling | Album | Photo Enlargement | Post Card | Montage Slideshow | Signature Casing with Thumbdrive

 Pre-Wedding Package RM4988 at New York Vogue Bridal House SS2
- 1 x 12” x 30" Album (20 poses + 5 mv poses) +  1 x 12” x 16" Album (20poses)

( Extra 100 softcopy: additional RM1500. If edit, RM3888 )
- 1 x 20" x 30” Enlargement photo + frame +  1 x 12" x 10” Photo + frame for parents
- 80pcs friend cards
- 1 x DVD montage slide show with song
- 1 x DVD soft copy with selected photo (touch-up & hi-res files)
Photo Shooting: (One day Service within 8 hours)
- Outdoor and indoor studio (one outdoor location within Klang Valley)
- 2 Gowns for outdoor shoot
- 2 Gowns for indoor shoot, including designer gowns
- 1 costume/ casual wear
- Make-up for bride & groom, accessories, men coat are provided
Wedding Day:
- 1 x Wedding designer gown for morning session
- 2 x Evening designer gowns for dinner session
- 2 x Men coats with bow tie set
- 1 x Car decoration (with netting & ribbons)
- 1 x Hand bouquet with fresh flower

Armadale | Neo Damansara - Actual day Package, Pre-wedding package 

Zoie*Z Bridal Gallery | Penang - Package Details 2014   
MOCO | Puchong - Package Year-end   
Keep Gallery - package
Bridal Shop: Armadale Weddings

2013:  For Armadale, I must say the customer service is quite good and the sales person, Jasmine, is not pushy. I choose Covan as my photographer for both Pre-Wedding and Actual Day. You will be eligible for a 10% discount when you sign up for 2 packages. 
Pre-Wedding Package Detail (RM5480):
Period: Up to 5 hours coverage
• One Photographer and One Make Up Artist (2 hairdo)
• All Photos (jpg file) will deliver on DVD-ROM with high
resolution, post processed and ready to print.
• A Custom-made USB pendrive
• 5 Gowns from Armadale Weddings
• Album / Photobook
Signature 16” x 12” storyboard Photobook with
Leatherette Cover contain Raster papers with lamination
of 40 pages, comes with Flip Top box with matching
ribbon while deboss Names/Text on Album Cover and
Top of Box
Premium 15” x 12” Signature album, with semi gloss
printing contain of 10 sheets / 20 pages, come with a 1-
piece luxury hardbox.
• Complimentary highlights multimedia slide show with
background music (1 song length with approx 60-80
photos slide show)
• Complimentary Website Gallery on selected photos
• We shoot with at least 150 shoots and above with all
touch up (Leveling, contrast and black and white
Actual Day Package Detail (RM3980):
Period: Up to 8 hours of coverage
• Two Photographers
• All Photos (jpg file) will deliver on DVD-ROM with high
resolution, post processed and ready to print.
• Complimentary highlights multimedia slide show with
background music (1 song length with approx 60-80
photos slide show) on the same day. (At least 5 hours
• A custom-made USB pendrive
• Complimentary Website Gallery on selected photos
• We shoot with at least 600 shoots and above with all
touch up (Leveling, contrast and black and white
You will be required to pay 50% for deposit to confirm the dates and the rest of the payment a day/week before the actual shooting (I can't really remember it's on the day or before, I need to check with Jasmine again). I have yet to do my actual shooting, will update more on that when it actually happens. You can share the pre-wed gowns for actual day, for example, you only need 2 gowns for pre-wed, you can reserve the other 3 for actual day. If you would like to reuse the gown, you will need to pay RM180 per gown for dry cleaning.

Bridal Shop: Enya Mareine    

Here are the details for my package with Enya Mareine for the price of RM8900 (Jan 2014)

Wedding Gown - 1 (Rental)
Evening Gown - 1 (Rental)
Coat - 1 (MTM to keep) 

Car Deco - yes
Bouquet - yes

Costume of Photography
Outdoor - 3
Indoor -2 
Hairstyles - 5
Outdoor Locations - JB/KL/Melacca/Singapore
Days of shooting - 2

Album - 12x30 album (24 pages with 35 images) Cover selection available (to be decided later with no restrictions if i am not mistaken)
Cover - 1pc
Table top - 1pc 8x12 s.frame 
Enlargement - 1pc 16x40 s.frame 
Souvenir Photo - 4R 60 pcs (3 poses)
Others includes 
- EM Card (1pc)
- DVD (1pc) of selected photos only
- 1/2 14x17+S.F (1pc)

I was served by Serene and she was very persuasive... and there are some things that I don't quite remember (S frame was something I really don't remember even looking at my receipt) but what I remembered was back then there was the promotion I mentioned in my earlier email to you about the first walk in customers and because we paid 50% deposit we got some stuff and if 100% payment there were other free stuffs as well, again I don't quite remember. Oh and stuff like ampoles (something for make up thingy) and eyelashes are not included. There will be a RM120-150 extra charge for that and when I asked for raw photographs, they refuse to give which is a minus point for me but what is negotiated is negotiated. 

And this package is open for 3 years and if we need to extend we have to call them to let them know.

I hope this has been useful as I don't see many reviews were done about this bridal shop. In fact I drive past by it almost everyday (I work near that area and use the same road) and I don't see much a buzz in that shop which makes me afraid that there might be something wrong

Dec 2012: My package price for Enya Mareine is RM 6.8 k , I signed it earlier May this year (2012)
I knew that they have raised the current package price to RM 7.2k already.
My package consist of: 
  • 13 x 13inch album with 32 poses
  • 1 big photo frame, 2 x 8R photo frame
  • 4 gowns for photo-shoot
  • 1 AD gown, 1 Evening gown, 1 Made -to - Measure man suit
  • 100 pcs ji mui photo
  • Softcopy CD
  • Car decor, hand bouquet and corsage.
It's actually very basic package.
I have seen the pictures, photographer's profesionalism can't be question. Thumb up. The photos are very impressive. Their SA services are good too. But for the photo design for album printing, not really satisfying. The photo editor not really doing a good job. I have reedit the design for 3 times. Very time consuming, more than a month. I split my photoshoot session into 2 days...cos 1st day after half day, the rain came. So, we continue for 2nd day. no extra charges. Hope this will be the informative input for all the BTB :)

Bridal Shop: Victoria wedding gallery  
Info provided by Rachel in Apr 2013: 
The price is about RM4000 to have Abbey being our photographer and the package includes:
  • 1 big album with design 
  • 1 small album without design 
  • 4R photos 
  • 2 photos with frame for parents 
  • 1 photo with frame for the couple's room. 
Here's the name of the crew:
  • Photographer: Abbey Choo 
  • MUA: Penken Photoshooting 
  • Assistant: Jass 
  • Coordinator: Nicole & Juliet  
Bridal Shop: Precious, SS2

(Mar 2012) We went to bridal fair in Midvalley and managed to grab an awesome deal I would say. Here are the details of the package at RM2012 we took:
  • 15 x 24 Album (25 + 5WN poses)
  • 12 x 16 Album (20 poses)
  • 24 x 36 Big Picture with any frame we like
  • 8R Table top – 2 pcs
  • 10 x 14 Table top – 2pcs (additional free items)
  • Car decor
  • Bridal Bouquet
  • Car sticker and ribbon ball (6-8pcs)
  • 4R Friends copy – 80 pcs
  • Together with DVD soft copy and montage
  • Bride (1 outdoor gown, 3 indoor gowns)
  • Groom ( 2 sets of tuxedo)



  1. Hi, may I know is the gowns in Pre wedding package for Armadale is included actual day gown as well? No extra charges?

    1. Package includes rental of 5 gowns, meaning client is free to decide when she would like to use it.
      For e.g. either using up 2 gowns for the photoshoot and the remaining 3 for AD or vice versa.
      Otherwise, if she needs less than 5 gowns, she could too opt to let go of 1 gown in exchange for other services such as car deco etc, depending on individual negotiation.
      (response from the visitor who provided me the info)


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