Specially Designed and Hand-made Dresses for Rent @ That White Dress

Sunway Mas Commercial Center, Petaling Jaya | That White Dress (TWD) has a big collection of good quality gowns for different sizes, shapes and styles; modern, lace embroidery, bead work, big sizes, you name it. Gwen and her team are very helpful in assisting their brides look for the best style that suit them. The consultants will ensure that the dress that you select flatters your body shape. They believe that when the cut of the dress is made right, any designs will look gorgeous on the bride. You can try as many gowns as you can while you are here.

TWD is able to garner that many positive reviews because their dresses are specially designed and hand made by a team of talented designers, who have had years of experience in tailor making wedding dresses. Every bead, every crystal, every lace is carefully selected and hand-sewn onto fabrics sourced from Europe. According to the reviews, they will alter or moderately redesign part of the dress to fit the bride, but if you wish to have the one and only dress with special requirements, then go for the custom-made.
Crop top/bolero with silk satin skirt. Available for rental or custom make

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Playful Shots in Legoland | Nusajaya, Johor

flying kick

A theme park for lovers of LEGO®, and couples with a young heart! Here you can be as playful as you want, make quirky faces and make use of all the colorful Lego setup as your photography backdrop. From the spectacular dragon-guarded entrance and interactive LEGO features to the fully LEGO-themed bedrooms and gorgeous lobby complete with LEGO pirate ship and LEGO castle, the Legoland Hotel is also a must-stop photo spot if you are there.

At the heart of LEGOLAND® is the true-to-life miniature version of Asia’s iconic landmarks. MINILAND is built with over 30 million LEGO® bricks that showcase famous attractions from 17 Asian countries such as the Petronas Twin Towers in Kuala Lumpur, Singapore’s Merlion, India’s Taj Mahal and even Johor’s own unique landmarks. Many of the icons and attractions are animated at the touch of a button.
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Ideas for Actual Day Photography with Sean Lim

Sean is one of a few photographers who is very genuine about his interaction with clients and the approach in photography. Throughout the years he has been very consistent in capturing photos that leave a lasting memory, creatively. He tries to understand his clients requirements to meet every expectation if possible. You can see the excitement and true emotions in each image he takes. 

Here are some of his best collections of wedding day photographs:
side bride holding bouquet

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Ciao Ristorante Perfectly Italian

Packages 2017: buffet from 138++ per pax | Capacity: 300 pax | Ciao Ristorante offers truly authentic Italian food in KL. The restaurant resembles a rustic Venetian country house with a cosy garden and small lake overlooking the golf course, and with ample parking facilities. The timber deck on the lake is a favorite spot for wedding photography.

The surrounding greenery makes this place a unique venue for outdoor weddings. Very spacious high ceiling rooms are available for indoor events too. It meets all the requirements there are for a modern rustic intimate wedding; brick walls, lake, glasshouse, lawn. The Italian food is nice, very attentive service and high quality projector and projection system. 

There is an older post here.

brick wall march in

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The Epitome of Amazing Bridal Makeup and Hair by Amelin Lok

To create that exquisite bridal look, Amelin uses a well-balanced color combination. The shades are intensified at the edge of the eyes with a wash of lighter tint over the eyelids, to match the more subtle rosy lips. Cream highlighter with a tinge of shimmer is applied on the inner corner of the eyes which is shaped like a 'V' (also known as Inner-V) to make the peepers pop. Together with accented lids, lashes and manicured brows, they can add so much dimension to the eyes.
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Jocelyn Tan Make Up | The Latest Trends

Vintage, Boho, Korean, low tousled updo, tendrils, side fringe are some of the concepts and styles that are in trend. 

Jocelyn is skillful at producing the latest makeup style that brightens up your face with the help of a little color play. The right highlighting and contouring will create an ultra smooth finish resulting in an instant face lift with a nice glow to your skin tone. The latest makeup style that gives you the right intensity to look glamorous on camera yet comfortable to look at on the actual wedding day. It is a combination of tricks and skill. Jocelyn accentuates the eyes and face with matching colors, fills the gaps and uses tones in different layers.
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The Best Destination Wedding Photographer in Malaysia - WLOON Photography

He is extremely skillful in photographing the best of every location. With extensive experience traveling to many places capturing faces of couples in love, Wooi Loon's images depict a story, a special somewhere, a romantic journal. It requires the technique of a professional photographer to produce the pictures (below) that blow one's mind - Sparkly trees, back light, sun ray/ flare, crystal clear waters, night scenery, moving objects, landmark architecture, bright colors, amazing sky; at the same time showcasing the overall mood of the picture.
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Vivi Bridal Makeup | The Qualities of a Top Makeup Artist

Ranked number ONE in LookP - a website with reviews of professionals in Malaysia , Vivi garnered the highest score in the overall rating from a list of over 200 Makeup artists (MUAs). It is apparent that she is a helpful & friendly MUA with amazing skill according to the reviews.

Skills are developed through experience. You will have no doubt about Vivi's ample experience after viewing the gorgeous bridal looks on her Facebook photo album, the huge number of brides she has worked with, and the reviews that the clients have shared themselves. Every facial structure is different, the more you work on different features, skin texture and tones the more proficient you get.

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Cameron Lavender Garden | Cameron Highlands

There's a lavender farm in Malaysia - Cameron Highlands to be exact. Couples don't have to travel all the way to Hokkaido, Japan for this scenic purple backdrop for their wedding photography. The Cameron Lavender Garden is located at Tringkap about 9 km away from Brinchang town. There are several areas and levels in the garden which are just magnificent for your wedding photos. The large purple castle is actually their office! A jam shop is housed in a building designed like a mushroom. There is also a Love-Locks section for some lovey-dovey photos. It is considered the most spectacular farm in Cameron for those who love lavenders, flowers and strawberries.

Pre-wedding Photos by WLOON Photography:
gorgeous lavender wedding in cameron wedding
Spectacular purple garden
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How to Achieve A Sweet and Radiant Bridal Look by Hoo Sharon

How adorable are those Korean girl-next-door bridal look. The radiant porcelain skin and soft pink lips make the bride's smile more graceful and sweet. In creating a clean, sweet and sparkling look Sharon ensures that the makeup is not too heavy. She uses airbrushing technique and cosmetic products that gives you the subtle rosy complexion that resembles natural porcelain skin which can last long.
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Hair and Makeup Techniques by Jessica's Makeup Zone

Jessica is a professional of technique. She uses various elaborate techniques to create the desired bridal look. To make the eye makeup look more natural, Jessica applies earthy tones and deep three-dimensional gradient eye contour, combined with smearing technique. She uses both classic and airbrush makeup. It is best to let her assess your skin and decide on the method to achieve the best result. For the hair she works with creative lines and dimensions, the hair-do will look good at any angles. I love the way she creates unique patterns that make the hairdo stand out.

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Many Different Styles by Jaimie Yap Bridal Makeup

Jaimie has a flair for detail-observation and being sensitive to her bride's features. From her deduction she then builds a look tailored to their face and personality that unleashes the natural beauty within. For example she changes the contour of the eyes to make them look more energized and emphasizes the features to beautify the appearance; Every woman has her own attractive qualities. It is important to know how to bring them out.
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Carmen Makeup Creates Timeless Beauty

A bride is more confident when she knows she is in the good hands of a skillful makeup artist (MUA). Beauty expert Carmen studies her bride's skin tone, facial features and texture carefully before designing the wedding make-up/ look. Her style is about creating timeless and eye-catching beauty which depends very much of her creativity in shaping the features. Every woman wants to look and feel perfect for her big day. With Carmen Wong's expertise, there is no problem for you to transform into a glamorous gorgeous star of the day. She is a true artist.
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Wenxy Khor Make Up based in Penang | Achieving Pretty Features

Specializing in Korean-style, Wenxy emphasizes on natural, soft makeup and clean dewy complexion with an elegant touch. I really adore her makeup technique in beautifying her brides' features. Korean-influenced styling is about the natural outcome that looks effortless. It gives the impression that you look that good straight away after waking up in the morning.

The correct use of foundation is important in creating the overall ideal result. Depending on the skin type; dry, oily or combination, Wenxy uses the right foundation (liquid, powder, cream, etc.) for her clients for an even dewy finish. You can see a natural soft glow on the complexion. Contouring is done on the cheek and sculpting on both sides of the nose to the edge of the eyebrows to accentuate the facial features proportionately. She selects the shades that set well on the bride's tone and undertone, that is why the makeup blended in naturally.

To complete the Naturalista look, breezy, soft gorgeous hair will do the trick. Braid is a big hit now. Wenxy braids the hair in nice designs. The hair looks elegant and relaxed not rigid at all. The loose half down waves add dimension to the rustic bridal style. Flat bangs and a romantic low bun are great for showing off a larger hair accessories like a floral hair band or head piece.

Natural soft glow on the complexion

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Desmond Bridal Makeup: Korean Concept

Here's a dashing gentleman among the roses, Desmond. His elegant Korean concept styling and strong proficiency in blending the skin color evenly are his competitive advantages. It is easy for the uneven tones (face and neck) to show especially under the unkind camera lighting. Desmond's bride's skin tones looks absolutely natural even under the bright camera flashes. The last thing you want is to look too fair or too dark with a different shade on your face compared to the neck down.

Thankfully each makeup artist has his/ her own strengths and expertise to cater for every client's specialized needs. While the stylist may have gained much knowledge from attending courses/ training and the numerous hands-on experiences, each their own distinctive skill. 

Here are a few samples of brides by Desmond, you can see the evenness especially more prominent on brides with tanned skin.
Even skin tone which does not look "made-up"
satisfied result
Charlene Poore's wedding. She was happy with how Desmond made her look great in a natural way.
very natural #koreanupdo

Desmond believes that it is completely essential for the bride to look GREAT on and off camera. He focuses on enhancing the eyes intensely but tastefully. The eyes makeup should be done conforming to the event's atmosphere and state of lighting. For instance he would give the pair of eyes a dark brown hue for the morning session and a more smoky effect for the night event. An over-the-top look will only overpower the groom, making the bride stand out in an uncomfortable way. Therefore, to make sure the makeup does not go overboard, he colors the lips lightly and applies moderate blush. As a result the overall look is natural and pleasing with emphasis on the peepers - they glow with energy. All his clients praised his natural and not overly done results. Read more reviews below.
absolutely gorgeous #lowbun

#koreanupdo with hair band

vintage #koreanupdo with hairband

His signature hair style is the most sought after Korean concept hair. Soft curls, the modern loose braids, classic low tie-up, cute hair with long bangs fixed to the side. Desmond realizes the importance of hair on the entire appearance and for the hair to be "simple and nice". I am particularly intrigued by the way he creates the superstar look out of a very simple, classic hair-do and neutral shades.
korean concept
Desmond in the photo with the bride. The Korean-inspired hairstyle looks absolutely beautiful.
#cascadinghair with horizontal hair accessories

#deeplowparting shapes the face nicely

Cascading hair innovation

The use of tiara is very common in Korean bridal styling

Elegant hair. #cascadinghair

lovely back pony

The challenges of bridal makeup come from the need to study the bride's features and think of the best makeup and hair for her. Let's face it, not everyone look like a superstar. The makeup artist would have to deal with issues such as pimples, skin blemishes, dis-proportionate eyes sizes, facial shape which is too round and what not. Desmond adjusts the way he applies the cosmetics to the specific condition. For example, over-apply of makeup on someone with chubby face is a no-no. His technique is to downplay the weakness by contouring the face to create an illusion of depth. So it will look sharper and less wide. Another slimming trick is to add more volume to the hair. For a woman with nice features and slim figure for example, he would heat things up by designing a celebrity glamor look to go with more fashionable hairdo for her.

choose one

Speaking from experience, there is actually a huge difference between makeup for advertising verses wedding. Desmond could execute bolder popping colors on fashion models because generally they have more attractive features. It is like an art to him. Heavy makeup, fashionable, Avant garde look that make a statement or other styles according to the requests.

desmond makeup
Miss World Malaysia 2008 Soo Wincci. Hair by Ckay Liow
  Makeup by Natago Des (DESMOND Makeup + Hair) #smokeyeye
Photography by Alexio Yeoh

Jan 2017
Very good make up, foundation is light and you won't feel heavy at all! His service and knowledge is good! Definitely like his hair style and he will communicate with you before the actual day! Love this service ! I will recommend you to take his service!

Sep 2016
I want thanks him for realize my princess dream...I really like my make up and hairdo...And I have one big eye and one small eye problem...my prewedding MUA facing problem when make up with me...but Desmond really done a good job...He made me look so natural...and everyone praise my eye make up...

Jun 2016
Natago Des nice make up artist

May 2016
Definitely love his work, both he and his assistant was professional and gave true honest advice on what looks good on the bride, bridesmaids and the mothers. He delivered what i wanted and I'm truly grateful for that. My husband love it too- which is a big plus point.

Dec 2012
I had used Desmond as my make up artist. He focuses mostly on bringing out your eyes for the makeup and he did a great job making me look as natural as possible. His hairdos were great as well. He was polite and punctual and even contacted me before the wedding to make sure all the details (time, venue etc). Even when my mother had requested him to do something extra for her hair (though i originally did not hire him to do hair and makeup for my mother), he was willing to help her as well without demanding any extra charge (he helped her after my makeup was done). His price is very reasonable. http://www.facebook.com/pages/DESMOND-Makeup-Hair/143408822339735

Desmond Makeup + Hair
FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/DESMOND-Makeup-Hair/143408822339735
Email: des4042@gmail.com
Tel: 012-605 1578
Personal Facebook: Natago Des

Rates: Morning and Night/Lunch (2 Session) at RM1000
StayBack (2nd hair do and Makeup touch-up) at  RM150

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All About Tuxedo

One of the most elegant attire for evening events, the classic 3-piece tuxedo is a good option for the groom's attire for a wedding dinner. The cloth traditionally used was woven in the barathea weave which gives a slight textured sheen. However the finer and even glossier faille is commonly used today among high end tailors. The lapels, made of glossy silk satin suggest special occasion wear as it is too fragile for daily use. 

Accessories/ matching apparels (suggested by Jeremy Tok): 
  • A bowtie to match the lapels. 
  • Tuxedo Shirt with regular spread collar, a Marcella front, and stud buttons on the front. 
  • French cuffs with onyx cuff links. 
  • Patent leather shoes. 
  • A horseshoe vest wears more securely and is more elegant.
Jeremy Tok Tailor creates more glamorous cuts for tuxedos but keep all the traditional features. Wider lapels than average for the peak lapels, and a visually bottom heavy lapel if shawl. Breast pocket welt and hip pocket jets are in the same wool cloth instead of satin to keep with tradition. Buttons are cloth-covered in the same material as the lapels. There are no vents on the jacket.

Learn about the type of material, lapel and other details of a suit here.
bow tie wedding
Cloth is a black twill worsted by Vitale Barberis Canonico, fully canvassed in the Bendahara model. The peak lapels are in genuine silk-wool by Drapers - this is a true rarity.
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Review of Armadale Wedding Gallery

Armadale is one of the most talked about bridal houses around. Their packages come with amazing photography, a big selection of new and gorgeous gowns to choose from and structured yet pleasant service. On the other hand Armadale does not provide a lot of the supplementary items such as bridal bouquet, car decoration, albums and framed photos of various sizes in the package but they do have them available on ala carte basis.
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Milan, Italy

Piazza del Duomo (Cathedral Square) is the main piazza (city square) of Milan, Italy which is at the center of the city.

Milan Cathedral (The Duomo)
In Milan's layout, streets are radiating from the Duomo, the most central site. Standing proud in Piazza del Duomo, this huge cathedral is the most impressive structure in Milan. There are more statues on this gothic-style cathedral than any other building in the world. The Duomo boasts impressive architectural details on both its interior and exterior.

Galleria Vittorio Emanuele
This elegant shopping arcade with luxury shops and boutiques, the mosaic floor and the stained-glass ceiling looks more like a museum than a shopping mall!

white cathedral
The majestic Milan Cathedral (The Duomo)

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Tanarimba, Janda Baik

lots of fairy light on ceiling

09-233 0655 | enquiry@tanarimba.com.my | Capacity: 250 pax |

Located 35 km from downtown Kuala Lumpur, Tanarimba offers a mountainside of majestic peaks, valleys and ravines, crystal clear streams, pristine rain forests and waterfalls. Enjoy the cool, fresh mountain air, with temperatures ranging between 20°C to 25°C.

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The Work of A Great Photographer | Andrew Koh Photography

A great photographer brings out the happiness and the best part of the wedding. Andrew Koh is the photography maestro, Canon EOS Academy Official Trainer (Malaysia), a member of WPPI, with a fabulous personality. He has the talent in getting the people he works with ready to fully enjoy the moment. After reviewing so many photographers on this blog, I begin to see a trend. Each photography style is closely linked to the photographer's personality. Andrew has been described as "a joy to be around", talented, funny, awesome beyond words. I have to agree to that after looking at the images he produced.
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