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There's a lavender farm in Malaysia - Cameron Highlands to be exact. Couples don't have to travel all the way to Hokkaido, Japan for this scenic purple backdrop for their wedding photography. The Cameron Lavender Garden is located at Tringkap about 9 km away from Brinchang town. There are several areas and levels in the garden which are just magnificent for your wedding photos. The large purple castle is actually their office! A jam shop is housed in a building designed like a mushroom. There is also a Love-Locks section for some lovey-dovey photos. It is considered the most spectacular farm in Cameron for those who love lavenders, flowers and strawberries.

Pre-wedding Photos by WLOON Photography:
gorgeous lavender wedding in cameron wedding
Spectacular purple garden

lavender close up
Our very own Cameron Lavender Garden

cute portrait cameron
Cute and scenic

Other photos:
purple castle
The castle

layers of garden
Different types of flowers

colorful photo corner
Love locks walkway

picket white fence

letter boxes

teddy christmas tree

Apr 2018
With just 10RM spent, this place is a beauty to take in. I wasn't super fond of the lavender ice cream but it might be fun to try! The gardens are beautiful and there are several areas to take great photos! One of my favourite parks in Cameron
Mar 2018
I was expecting more lavender, but the rows of colorful flowers were fun to walk around. Along the sides of the gardens are stalls selling trinkets and drinks and there is a large gift shop at the top of the flower rows. We purchased lavender ice cream, a combination never meant to be - but I’m glad I tried it. Surprisingly, the attraction keeps going upwards and there are many levels of flowers and fairytale themed selfie opportunities. I was really interested in those, but I found it humorous that the staff office is a large, purple castle. A jam shop is designed like a mushroom house. It’s surreal if you go there expecting lavender bushes. There was a cafe at the top level with plenty of seating in the shade. The view is nice too. Worth the 10RM to enter, just for the good walk up around the plants.

Cameron Lavender Garden

cameron highlands

FB Page:
Add: Tringkap, Cameron Highlands, 39100 Pahang, Malaysia
Tel: 05-496 1208

Entrance Fee: MYR 10.00 for adult, MYR 7.00 for kids
Parking for coach and car is available

Mon - Thurs (9am - 6pm)
Fri - Sun (9am - 7pm)

lavender cameron

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