Once In A Lifetime with 3Ants Wedding Studio

Pre-wedding packages are abundant but which one is the best for you? In my opinion, it is one that stirs your soul and warms the heart. 3Ants Studio's pre-wedding bundle of goodness includes creative shots, ever soul-stirring cinematic footage and a once in a lifetime experience that will put a special mark in your heart forever.
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Techno Dancing Lights TG Grand Ballroom Setia Alam by Hao Xiang Chi Seafood

016-219 7760 | 03-3362 3118/ 5618 | Packages 2018: from RM998 per table | Capacity: 1200 pax |

Hao Xiang Chi Seafood Setia Alam is one of HXC Catering Sdn Bhd's branches which is situated in Top Glove Tower, Level 9. Newly established in 2015, This outlet offers an elegant and glamorous ballroom for your wedding reception. The pork-free restaurant prides itself in using the freshest ingredients for food preparation.
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Stunning Chapel-Shaped Gazebo at UCSI Hotel Isthmus Kuching

Located at the Isthmus confluence, about 10km from the city, UCSI Hotel Kuching offers spectacular panoramic vistas of the Kuching waterfront. Many say it is "far" from town but is conveniently near the Borneo Convention Centre Kuching (BCKK). The hotel boasts an infinity pool with a stunning chapel-shaped gazebo for a small poolside event or ROM ceremony. Your wedding guests will be able to enjoy the river breeze in the evening.

In a city famed for its heritage and its proximity to natural wonders, UCSI Hotel Kuching plays its part in the sustainability of environment. It is a Green Building Index-certified establishment. Flowing river water and wind funnels are utilised to lower temperatures in the lobby by around 2°C. An advanced rain water harvesting system is also in place.

This pleasant hotel in the Land of the Hornbills, with green environment, trees and waterfall at the lobby is the perfect place to hold your wedding events as the service and efficiency of the staff here are really commendable. Particularly Floor Manager, Walter is awesome and very helpful.

Poolside ROM by Fabulous Moments | Jul 2018
The white wedding pavilion looks gorgeous on camera
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List of Wedding Decorators in Malaysia

wedding decorator Malaysia
 012-648 1977 | hnwstudio@yahoo.com   FACEBOOK  
Can make whatever font or artwork in polyfoam (or EPS Foam) according to the customer's request or customization. Very convenient. The ready-made decoration materials in the market might not suit every individual's needs.

3D Polyfoam wordings by H&W Studio

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Bora Ombak Marina Wedding @ Putrajaya

The BoraOmbak Marina Putrajaya is situated at the marina offering a relaxing view of the lake and its surrounding. The floor to ceiling glass windows of the decent sized ballroom gives way to natural light which can brighten up the wedding celebration held during the day.
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Sand, Beach, Marina, Bridge and Resort of Port Dickson

Port Dickson, located about 1 hour drive from KL is a popular holiday destination for its 18km long beach activities and resorts. Here are some of the more popular wedding photography locations:

1. Pantai Cahaya Negeri is a beachside destination between 5th and 6th mile of Port Dickson, served by resorts, hotels and apartments perched along its coastal strip. A recreational park occupies a small cape at the eastern edge, with panoramic views of sea along its perimeter, and a wooden bridge that leads to a small mangrove island (Pulau Burung) off the coast. [website]

Pre-wedding at Pantai Cahaya Negeri, Port Dickson by Armadale Weddings  | Jan 2017
Lovely Casuarina trees lining the beach at the central of Cahaya Negeri.
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Bridal Gowns for Older Brides

When a woman reaches a certain age, her fashion preferences change as well. A mature bride may not want her wedding dress to be too revealing or over the top. For example something with sleeves, bolero, cape, illusion overlay or jacket, no big ribbons, something more elegant. Here are some unique designs, not too complicated or mainstream and are beautiful in their own ways.

Chinese collar, embroidered bodice sheath dress with a long train from 7th Heaven Bridal Gallery | Subang Jaya | 017-581 5555
Less is more

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The New Geno Hotel Subang Jaya

Geno  Hotel  is a new hotel established  in  2016,  Strategically  located  in  between  Shah  Alam  and  Subang  Jaya  also  in  close  proximity between  KLIA  &  Subang  Sultan  Abdul  Aziz  Shah  Airport,  Giving  guests  the  convenience of  access  to 
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Exquisite Bridal Wear @ Shimmerz Styles, Bangsar

the skirt is perfect for dance

Indian bridal wear is all about good quality fabrics and fine craftsmanship. Many Malaysian brides source their traditional bridal gowns all the way from India. Now they are lucky to have Shimmerz Styles in Bangsar because this boutique offers a collection of classy designer ensembles as well as other formal, ethnic or casual attire made from high quality material.
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新嘉宾酒楼 Tropical Garden Restaurant - Kulai

Packages 2014: from RM5xx per table | Capacity: 200 pax | The Tropical Garden Restaurant Kulai is located 2 minutes from Kulai Toll and 15 minutes from Senai International Airport. The banquet hall can accommodate 200 seats, with 600 parking bays, a wide stage, beautiful stage lighting effects. There is another branch in Senai.

Usually walk-in patrons are served on the ground floor, the first floor is reserved for wedding receptions. The service of Tropical Garden Kulai is very good and the food is very delicious! Nice environment, food served in big portion and good service, particularly Ms Fang who was very helpful and attentive in helping the couple organize their wedding banquet.

However they do have to pay more attention to greasy floors, to not cause any untoward incidents. 
Banquet Hall (Upstairs) dedicated for weddings:
Wedding decor. Red carpet on tiled floor.

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The Popular Restoran Pekin Johor Jaya

Capacity: 1300 pax | Restoran Pekin Johor Jaya has quite a good reputation for its fine banquet food in generous portions. It is one of the finest Chinese restaurant in Johor Bahru. There is ample parking, except for when there is a wedding. The environment is classy with simple yet elegant furnishing. The decor and layout of the restaurant are well thought out to make the guests feel comfortable. Customers don't mind paying the price for the fine dining experience. The food is delicious but the service during weddings can be better. The waitstaff were too efficient in clearing the plates while guests were still eating. 

Located at Jalan Masai Baru, the area is rather quiet but it all changes when you set foot in the nicely decorated restaurant where attendants greet you warmly. There is a banquet hall for 130 tables that comes with a stage and lights. Finger food is served at the waiting area before the reception.

Huge banquet hall - 130 tables | 1300 pax

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Wedding Cinematography/ Videography Inspiration Board

artistic tokyo ariel shot
Artistic, soul-stirring cinematic pre-wedding footage

Well-paced transition accompanied by timely music
shadow video
Types of wedding video; proposal, interview, save-the-date...
under the vintage veil
Capturing sweet moments Beneath-the-veil
behind the scene
Behind the scene to the actual outcome of the photo
couple zoom out on beach
Creative 'Save Our Wedding Date' Video
touching proposal video
Well-planned proposal videos
running white rectangles wedding
Running in front of a geometric background. 
bride tandem bike
Riding a tandem bicycle is so much fun!
wedding dance twirl
Give your bride a twirl or two.
lift closing kiss
Now you see us. Now you don't.
walk down aisle flowers
The walk along the aisle.
bersanding blessing
Blessings from the elders during Bersanding.
cham cha
Chinese wedding tea ceremony.
walk around the fire
The seven step ritual.
black and white bubbles
Bubble kiss.
pose with style wedding gown
Pose with style flaunting your wind-blown wedding gown.
waves hit legs
Let the moving waves be the witness of your love.
act silly
Act silly and entertain yourself.
flowing veil
The classic flowing veil.
water fountain couple
Dancing or musical water fountain is a majestic backdrop for your video.
disney up balloon wedding
Get some balloons as prop, inspired by the Disney movie UP.
sun glare meadow
Beautiful sun glare on a peaceful and rustic meadow.
slow first dance
A slow dance is so romantic.
front back drama
Focus on the bride for a dramatic shot.
chi mui and heng dai gif
The wedding entourage in a row.
hug holding flowers
Intimate moment.
fire works wedding
Lighted sparklers or fire works in the dark.
family moving train
Gather your family in the subway.
hug from behind
The hug from behind.
[Sources] Thanks to giphy.com for the gif
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Images that Come Alive | Kamalesan Photography

I believe a creative photographer sees things differently. Kamalesan Kamalakaran (Kamalesan Photography) is absolutely amazing at making his images come alive. He has a vision in every shot to get the right angle, composition and lighting. Indian weddings are extremely colorful and vibrant. While the focus is placed on the main subject, the environment is not neglected. With all the activities and rituals happening, it takes a true professional to capture the best exact moment in time when everything comes together to tell a story.

The bride's emotion, wedding ritual happening.. the best moment is captured

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List of Indian Wedding Food Caterers

Indian cuisine is one of the best foods I've tasted. I am in love with vegetarian dishes as well. Sometimes I get menus that have a list of food that goes on forever and you just don't know which one to pick. For that special occasion, one would pick the best that suits their family's taste buds. Maybe you already have in mind your finest in town and will not go for anything lesser. Let me know your thoughts, which are the favorite caterers with good service, yummy Indian wedding food that you would recommend to others.

Wedding Catering food by The Big Rajah

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Value for money Packages at Likas Square Hotel KK's

Packages 2018: Malay Menu: from RM58/ pax | Chinese Menu: from RM788 nett/ table | Capacity: 400 pax | Located 5 minutes from city centre and 15 minutes from Kota Kinabalu International Airport, Likas Square Apartment Hotel together with two-storey commercial centre housed under the same roof with 60 units of shop lots, consists of restaurant, gift shops, supermarket and many more. It is a fairly convenient venue for guests who travel from other places. The building exterior is rather old-looking, however the interior is nice and clean.

This is a popular venue for wedding functions because the wedding setup, decorations and environment are very impressive for the package price offered.

Impressive wedding setup

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List of Wedding Photographers in Malaysia with Reviews

wedding photographer in Klang Valley
 013-325 1272 | Email   Website    f   Packages 
Sean takes consistent gorgeous photos, is dedicated, honest. Jun 17: A photographer who is Honest, Highly skilled at his profession. Work extremely well with people. 
best destination wedding photographer Malaysia
 012-434 8235 | Email   Website    f   Packages   
Adventurous for the love of photography. Feb 17: Wooi Loon is talented, trust-able. Love this series. Jun 13: A guy who is really in love with photographing. Not money-minded.
best actual wedding day photographer Malaysia
 012-319 0385 | Email   Website    f   Packages  fr RM1.5K
Fab photos, enjoyable photo-shoot. Jul 17: Truly appreciate Hong for capturing such beautiful and memorable photos. We love them so much and also enjoy the process! 
proficient wedding photographer Kuala Lumpur
 012-393 2885 | Email   Website   FACEBOOK   
May 17: He takes time to understand the couple's perspective for their wedding. Oct 16: Perfect! I like all photos here. Impressive. Reminded me about all special moments in my life as well.
skillful photographer Malaysia
 017-302 4285 | Email   Website   FACEBOOK  fr RM1.5K+
Valstasia Weddings specializes in capturing creative pictures that look artistic and dreamlike that reflect the passion of weddings. Nov 16: Very professional photographer that captures magic. 
Best Photographer in Klang Valley
 012-281 2229 | Email   Website   FB  fr RM3K
Andrew is the photography maestro with great personality. 14-16: Thanks for the gorgeous photos! Simply awesome, beyond words. Funny, interesting input & his valuable recommendation.
wedding day photographer
 012-922 8631 | Email   Website   FACEBOOK  fr RM2K+
Master Photographer (MPA) Wai Seng loves to capture momentous scenes. Dec 14: Hey Wai seng, you really did a great job! Thank you so much for capturing those precious moments at my wedding.
Best Wedding Photographer Malaysia
 016-233 1568 | Email   Website   FACEBOOK  fr RM1.1K+
A countryside view,  century-old trees, rustic backdrop and two snugly love birds. This photography style with warm and stylish mood, which is common in Western weddings has a beautiful rustic charm.
malaysian wedding photographer
 016-553 3043 | Email   Website   FACEBOOK  fr RM3K
The pre-wedding collection is classily sensual result of creative lighting and artistic composition and editing. The portraits bring out the personal inner beauty ~ Ronnie Chan.
artistic photographer for wedding event in Malaysia
 016-393 1564 | Email   Website   FACEBOOK  
Very stunning end result. Dec 16: Know all the wedding procedures and helpful in giving guidance. Constantly on the lookout for great photo/ video opportunities. The end result is absolutely beautiful!
story telling videographer malaysia
 012-208 8817 | Email   Website   FACEBOOK  fr RM3k
Gorgeous photos. Good at capturing the moments and angle perfectly. Gaius is passionate and professional. The images are well-planned to form a story.
creative wedding photographer Malaysia
 017-670 6007 | Email   Website    f   Packages  fr RM1k+
The most creative and meticulous photographer. Soul-stirring cinematic footage. May 18: Kent was professional. Exceptional shots. Nov 17: Super like this video. Captured every important moment.

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