Bora Ombak Marina Wedding @ Putrajaya

Package 2017: RM 39 per pax | Capacity: 700 pax | The BoraOmbak Marina Putrajaya is situated at the marina offering a relaxing view of the lake and its surrounding. The floor to ceiling glass windows of the decent sized ballroom gives way to natural light which can brighten up the wedding celebration held during the day.

It is a lovely carpeted hall with modern decorations, classic white wall panels, tall window artwork, ambient and stage lights. Night events are mystical, cozy and a bit dark some say. The French Chic Minimalist concept ballroom with designer crystal chandeliers keeps your wedding decorations effort to the bare minimum. It is located about 40km with easy access from KL. There is plenty of parking space as well.

Wedding guests love this venue and the great food. However the hosts were not too happy with the event coordinators, frustrated over the nonchalant attitude. It may not turn out the way you expect, the wedding will be beautiful nonetheless. 

Bora Ombak moved to a new location in Putrajaya from Ampang in Nov 2016 which offers a larger wedding hall and standalone restaurant with a beautiful lakeview, right beside Pullman Putrajaya & Marina Putrajaya.

Artist impression of the hall. Looks great!

Wedding. Two screens on the left and right.

Tall glass windows with artwork, carpeted hall with transparent chairs.

Plenty of natural light

The pelamin can be arranged to have the backdrop of the marina.

Gorgeous decorations and ambient lighting

Food presentation is classy

Modern interior
porte-cochère front porch where the bride and groom will be ushered into the hall once they are out of the car.
French Chic Minimalist concept with designer crystal chandeliers

Jan 2018
1. Had informed the management that we will need the place for rehearsal, not only the technical came late by 2 hours then he left early due to some urgency. The place was not even cleaned up from last event when we arrived.
2. They refuse to adhere to our requests despite the fact that we are the paying customers especially when we have spent over RM30k on them. Provided us with dirty tablecloths saying that they had changed it.
3. Their food is also terrible, dish such as roast beef is hard enough to choke a person and to top it all off, they served chicken in a vegetarian dish to my guests who are VEGETARIANS.
4. During event, the waiters just came to refill the beverages at the start and that was the end of it. Was thirsty the whole time.
5. They are not customer friendly at all. Just because we booked the place till the appointed time, the management chase us away like we are not one of the paying customers. Not only that, they threw away our door gifts simply on the excuse of we left it on the table after the event ends. In order for us to retrieve it, they ask us to dig in the trash ourselves.
I advise those who are interested booking this place, DON'T. You will regret it. Such a waste of good money and time on them.
Dec 2017
Very nice ambiance of BoraOmbak Putrajaya. Nice wedding reception. Nice foods and drinks. Nice view. Good accommodation.
Dec 2016
The reception was held at a new restaurant at Marina Putrajaya called Bora Ombak. It was a decent-sized hall, catered for wedding right at the marina offering a great vista of the beautiful surrounding. Being Putrajaya, access from KL was straight-forward and the venue offered ample parking. The food was great and we got ourselves a great spot at one corner of the hall. A great day out actually and the unique venue offered a new perspective. It was a hall best used for daytime event as the natural light coming through the large glass windows really spurred up the place.
The marina was located right next to Pullman Putrajaya, and Syahril and his family actually spent the evening there. Not a bad place to hold a reception actually .....

BoraOmbak Marina Putrajaya

FB Page:
Add: Jalan P5/5, Presint 5, 62200 Putrajaya, Wilayah Persekutuan Putrajaya, Malaysia
Location: Moved from Ampang to new location at Marina Putrajaya beside Pullman Putrajaya
Tel: Haziq - 018-9452177 / Taz - 010-2141825/ HQ - 03-4292 6302 /03
Tue - Sun: 5:00 pm - 12:00 am

Seating Capacity: 700 pax

Package 2018/19: RM 59 per pax min of 1000 pax.
Termasuk: Sistem AudioVisual yang lengkap. Ruang interior yang luas tanpa halangan dengan ceiling dan tingkap kaca tinggi memaparkan pemandangan Panorama Tasik. Memiliki fasiliti awam yang lengkap seperti parkir, surau, tandas,lif dan juga fasiliti untuk OKU. Pakej perkahwinan lengkap termasuk premis, makanan, servis, beserta hiasan pelamin, bilik Hotel 5 bintang dan sebagainya. Memiliki kemudahan Dapur Utama, penyediaan makanan di premis menjamin makanan yang segar, bersih dan sentiasa mencukupi mengikut pesanan Tuan rumah.


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