How to Write a Thank You Card

In Chinese culture, the bride and groom would give an 'ang pow' or red packet to the people who help them in the wedding, for example the close relative young boy who opens the door for the groom during 'Fetch the Bride', the 'good luck' lady or wedding chaperon who conducts the traditional tea ceremony. In other cultures it might be a 'Thank You' card, Thanksgiving party, or small gifts as tokens of appreciation, etc. for the people who attended the wedding, brought gifts, or helped in making the wedding a success.

Here's some points on how to write Thank You Cards for your wedding. First, create a recipient list. It is much more sincere to handwrite thanks. Choose quality stationery. Start your writing by reflecting on the joy and fun of your wedding day. Thank them for their specific gifts for instance.  And remember to send the cards in a timely manner.

How To Write Thank You
Cards For Your Wedding

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