How to sleep when you’re dealing with pre-wedding jitters

sleep with prewedding jitters

Between coordinating the guest list, caterers and the venue, wedding planning can be very stressful. Many couples struggle to sleep when they are stressed out during the wedding planning process. If this is something that you and your partner are finding in your life, you aren’t alone.

Here are some things you can do to plan ahead and prepare yourself as best you can for your wedding while also getting as much sleep as you can.

Pack Your Essentials

If you are traveling for your wedding, make a list of everything that you use on a daily basis, particularly what you use for your bedtime routine. Use that list to pack your wedding and honeymoon travels to avoid disrupting your routine. Can be anything from a favorite pillow to a particular toothpaste to a portable oxygen concentrator to a pillow spray that you really enjoy.

Journal About Your Stress

Try keeping a journal during your wedding planning process. Keeping a record of everything that stresses you out is incredibly helpful for forcing you to see patterns in your stress. If there is something in particular that is stressing you out on a regular basis, talk to your spouse and support system about it if there is anything that you can do to limit how much of that thing you have to deal with.

You can also use a journal as an exercise in positivity, writing down all the things that you are excited about for your future with your soon-to-be spouse.

Light Exercise

If you just can’t force yourself to settle down, try some light exercise like walking around the block or doing some yoga. This helps you to work off some of that restless energy without getting your heart rate or adrenaline pumping.
Yoga in particular has been found to be helpful in dealing with stress and helping people rest, because of the meditative aspect that comes along with it.

Watch Your Diet

If you are struggling to sleep, limit the caffeine that you are ingesting. Caffeine stays in your system for 6 to 9 hours after you consume it, and while you may not feel the effects, will find yourself struggling to sleep.

On the other end, alcohol might help you feel sleepy, but it’s also more likely to make you wake up in the middle of the night to use the restroom. This causes your sleep to be more disrupted and lower quality. Leave about four hours between your last drink and going to bed.

Plan For Naps

If you know that you are struggling with a disrupted circadian rhythm, plan for naps in the late morning or early afternoon in order to have the most efficient sleep possible.

Naps make it possible for you to make it through to the end of your day without resorting to supplements like caffeine, and can help you reset your circadian rhythm to one that is more suitable to your lifestyle.

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