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4 Elements of Great Bridal Makeover | Monique Starr

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Monique starr makeup malaysia

1. Create The Right Mood For Photoshoot

With the right combination of hair-do, make up and attire, your wedding photos can turn out more interesting. For the outdoor pre-wedding photography by the lake, Monique created the modern all-down loose waves + ultra fresh lovely makeup. The bride looks absolutely stylish in red and long curls for a back-in-the-day vintage setting.

Creates The Right Mood For Photoshoot
all down hair
For the outdoor pre-wedding photography by the lake, Monique created the modern all-down loose waves + ultra fresh lovely makeup. #natural
elegant vintage
The bride looks absolutely stylish in red and long curls for a back-in-the-day vintage setting. 

2. Add Character To The Bridal Look

A bit of sophistication in your bridal makeup goes a long way. This is also the reason why models on the runway appear more attractive and fashionable. Hence I think the eyes enhancement plays an important role here. The shape of the eye can be sculpted using the eye liner, mascara and lashes to incorporate your personality.

The expressive eyes created by Monique – Independent woman of the 21st century
She adds character to the bridal look

3. Look Natural In Photos

To combat shininess caused by camera flashes, the foundation and concealer have to be blended in harmoniously. Adding dimension to the face structure with some bronzer and highlighter will brighten up the overall look. The results? Even skin tone, complexion that glows from within, no more tired eyes and undesirable lines on problem areas. The bride retains her original features with an all-new face lift! The hair has been styled beautifully yet it looks very realistic.

Monique takes care of the details in an even blend of foundation, coverage, blush and highlight.
Au-naturel tip to toe
side pony
Under the unmerciful bouncing lights from the camera – no shiny spots, skin tone is even

4. Match The Dress

flowers and lace
The lace dress and the slightly tousled updo with flower embellishment go really well together
Matches the princess look


Dec 2016
Thank You to Monique from Monique Starr Makeup who was such an amazing and pro make up artist for my wedding day. I have seen her great work before this, and when it came to my actual wedding day, I was more than satisfied! She delivered more than she was asked, including coordinating for the groom, the mom & mil, sisters and bridesmaids as well! She was referred to by a friend (JB!) and am v lucky to experience her professional services!

Thanks to Monique who did an amazing makeup and hairdo during my actual day morning session. She is very professional, punctual and friendly makeup artist. She listened to my requests, then suggested ideas accordingly on the makeup/hairstyle that is suitable for me. Will definitely recommend to everyone!

May 2016
Monique is a very professional MUA.She is creative and friendly. I really love the hairdo and make up that she did for me during my wedding actual day and dinner.Thanks again for making me the most beautiful bride of the day!! Will definitely recommend to everyone!❤❤❤❤❤❤

Monique Starr Makeup

Facebook Page: fb.com/moniquestarrmakeup
Add: Klang Valley
Tel: 012-616 2890
Email : bloomkipling@hotmail.com

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