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5 Characteristics of a Great Wedding Live Band and Entertainer – KahoMusic

comfortable and fun

1. In Tune

The first criterion of choosing a good wedding live band is more often than not the quality of the music and vocal. KahoMusic’s band plays together with precision. Wedding guests enjoyed the melodious in-tune singing and lively performance that totally brightened up the wedding event. Referring to the Reviews Section below – Feedback from former clients can provide the initial impression about the live band that you plan to hire.
Dec 2013
The performance of the live band is good. Parents in law and most of the guests enjoy it.
Dec 2013

A very big THANK YOU to you all for the job so well done. KAHO Live Band Music did a WONDERFUL and  FRUITFUL job during Joe and Christine’s wedding event night. There were heaps of happiness and compliments for the wonderful and memorable wedding night. Words like the girl is so YOUNG, BEAUTIFUL and LIVELY still echoed in m ears. Kaho’s voice is so melodious and Patrick did a great job at his guitar. Your team really cheer and brightened up the event night. KUDOS to all of you and ICHIBAN is all I can say.
wonderful performance and fruitful night
May 2012
KahoMusic Was amazing! Great Performances, nice song and witty emcee. Glad had you all on my Big day ^_^ big applause for the group cheers !!!
“Nothing’s Gonna Change My Love For You” vocal and keyboard by Kaho

2. Entertaining
KahoMusic provides the finest in musical accompaniment for your wedding reception, ceremony or cocktail session, ranging from Classic Pop, Jazz to Rock styles of music. The building of their performance from beginning to the climatic phase will keep you and your guests amused throughout the entire celebration. The audience will be able to enjoy themselves and move to the rhythm of the band’s sheer energy on the dance floor.

Entertaining wedding reception that keeps you and your guests on the dance floor
3. Captivating
Not only must the band possess good vocal and musical skills, one that performs with deep emotion is most captivating. With its unique blend of music and soulful singing, KahoMusic Live Band creates the mood that attracts you to continuously watch their performance. The vocalist adds showmanship to the music by feeling the song and presenting it in a captivating way.
A soulful performance of “Make You Feel My Love” by Gary Chee

guitar saxophone singer
4. Communication & Interaction
The wedding reception atmosphere can be improved tremendously by having a good emcee. Ms Sherlyn Lua of KahoMusic is a witty, capable and multilingual (English/ Mandarin/ Cantonese/ BM/ Hokkien) emcee whom you can hire to communicate with your guests regarding the orders of activities. KahoMusic wedding live band feeds off the crowd’s reaction. They connect and interact with the audience and deliver what is well received.

every need is taken care of
A wonderful event is created by a capable emcee and talented entertainers
talented musicians
comfortable and fun
5. Qualified Musicians
KahoMusic’s distinctiveness lies in their founder/ main vocalist – Kaho who is a multi-talented musician who plays the keyboard, guitar, drums, cajon, saxophone besides being reputed as a great singer cum composer. Finding out the fact from their website that Kaho had composed songs for International/ Taiwanese singers, I did a little research and found his name listed as the composer of a Taiwanese Mandopop singer-songwriter Wilber Pan. Musical instruments are elegant compliments and an integral part of intimate gatherings such as weddings. KahoMusic’s team of musicians play effortlessly to the delight of the audience as they are fully experienced and talented.

KahoMusic has a team of talented and experienced musicians

composed song for wilber pan

Singer: Wilber Pan
Album: 007

a great profile and portfolio

Multi-talented musician cum vocalist, Kaho Loh

KahoMusic Event Management
Website: www.kahomusic.com.my
FB Page: KahoMusic LiveBand / https://www.facebook.com/kahomusicliveband
Tel: 012-461 2140
Email: kahomusic@gmail.com
Rates: starts from : Please email for QUOTE

  • Suresh Naidu
    December 14, 2014 at 1:53 pm

    I got ripped off RM1000 from Kaho music. I paid RM1000 for so called professional emcee for my wedding but was devasted when the emcee was doing nothing except to anounce the groom and bridegroom names. Aprt from that the emcee did nothing. I texted Sherlyn the next day and the reply was "Thanks for the feedback. Will look into this matter". The next day what Sherlyn did was she cashed out my cheque. Not even an appology till today. My advice to others pls if you hire Kahomusic pls make sure you dont pay full amount till your weeding is over.

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