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5 Ways to Entertain your Guests on the Wedding Day


1. CARICATURIST                      

Get a Caricaturist to sketch a memorable gift for your friends and family to bring home. Instead of the usual photo session, they have a chance to receive a comic and artful image of themselves. Everyone will be very eager to have one.

 Take a look at Triton Lim, artist in action at a wedding event

unique memorabilia
Everyone goes home with a special bag with the caricature of themselves. Such a unique memento.
each guest has one
draw by an expert
Cartoonish version of you
fun wedding
caricature drawn by triton lim
A caricature wedding portrait (by Triton Lim)

2. MAGICIAN                      

Andrew Lee and David Lai – They are good

You can hire a magician/ mentalist to wow your guests with some amazing and fun tricks. I am sure they will be enjoying themselves. The magicians can perform on the stage or move from table to table for a more personal encounter. Some of the audience can take part in the fun as well (if the wedding is small). Be sure to get a recommended one, some “magicians” can be a little cheesy.

Dec 2013
Wedding magic show by the talented Andrew Lee.

Wedding entertainment
Andrew Lee on Asia’s Got Talent Semi Final 1

Andrew Lee on Britain’s Got Talent

3. SAND ART                     

Create a romantic video recording or a live performance of your love story illustrated by sand drawing. The artist meticulously draws each line, shape and detail to form the message through specific gestures to develop the full story. Through the plots in the video, you could share your happiness with everyone in the audience.

chit chatting on line
by SandArtSG
recorded on video
Drawn on sand by hand stroke by stroke recorded on a video to be shown (

sand art performance
Wedding Sand Art by Loong Bee

Here’s a wedding Sand Art live performance by Loong Bee:


For a more cost-effective method of entertainment try the wishing tree. The guests can leave their well wishes, messages on the little cards, ready with ribbons to be tied on the tree. Get a wedding decorator expert to make a tree for you or you can DIY.

your guests can leave a message, good wish

5. LIVE BAND/ EMCEE                   

  • Rhumba Event Management provides Live Band, Emcee, Photography, makeup services, etc. It partners renown emcee William Lee, talented professional photographer John Poh, Valerie Fan Wedding Gallery and Momento Artz Photography.

“Rhumba pretty much is the biggest reason why my guests had a good time. They really are awesome. I chose Rhumba after watching their performance in one of my cookies’ wedding. I thought Jacky was great, he can play so many instruments. Also, Kenny have a voice that is quite like Jacky Cheung. Kian loves Jacky Cheung song so I know he will like it. Jacky played a very nice oldies (Herb Alpert – This guy’s in love) on the saxophone while ushering us in on the first march-in. Kenny was great too in singing our second march-in song (So much in love). We didn’t get to hear all their performance but those that we heard are very good. Many said they are the best wedding band they’ve ever heard.”  
commented @ Nov 2011

william lee, john poh wedding
Your dream wedding team: Rhumba Live Band, emcee William Lee and photographer John Poh

“THE RAW NOTE is possibly the most versatile live band I’ve seen and heard. They can sing in any languages (english, cantonese and mandarin). I would call them if I have guests from varied background.”
BashfulBrides @ Nov 2012


“Raw Note was my wedding live band for my wedding last year. I got to know about them after recommendations from my colleagues. I think they were the most reliable source cause I could not really find wedding live band‘s information online. Anyway, I was impressed with Raw Note’s performance that night. Both singers did a good job and the band members were talented as well.”
marynne @ Jul 2012

wedding live band very versatile
From left- Vocalist: Female Debbie Su
Keyboardist: Chris Soh/ Male Vocalist
Drummer: Kit Wong
Saxophonist: Sharil
Guitarist: Chern Yau


Combined comments @ Sep 2012

I saw a street style magician at a wedding fair, he was totally
awesome and left me completely boggled really impressed.  Its a great way to start conversations and he can walk around talking to your guests and doing tricks. I think a magician would need to be recommended as some I’ve seen are very cheesy.
There was a wish tree for people to write messages, they had a polaroid camera (rather then a photo booth!) for people to write a message & place in an album, they had a photo board with years of pictures of them, family and friends inc pictures of the hen & stag do. Everyone was going around having a look, so was an inexpensive way of entertaining them. I find nowadays that me and my friends are so busy we only see each other at weddings and I’m sure there are lots of others like that too.  We don’t need entertaining because we are having such a good time just catching up over a few drinks and a boogie.  keep it simple! honestly, no one will think you’ve not looked after them! In fact the best weddings I have ever been to are the ones with just a DJ. All you need is friends and family to have a great time!! My mum went to a wedding reception with a caricaturist and she
said he was amazing, and nearly everybody had one done.


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