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the raw note

The Raw Note

I must say I am amazed by The Raw Note’s in-tune singing. Each of their vocalist sings in a unique musical style and technique. It does not come as a surprise because the vocalists are

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Wedding live band Malaysia

Rhumba Live Band

Rhumba is one of Malaysia’s Top 10 Wedding Live Bands according to TallyPress. With strong vocals and unique style of their own, Rhumba’s vocalists synergize with the tone of the wedding to create a very

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Air Brush

Airbrush Smoothness by Yen Makeup

Yen uses airbrush foundation technique for her brides. Benefits of Air Brush Makeup Technique The main benefit of airbrush foundation is its durability. The silicone-based formula can last long and hold up well when exposed

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Raynis Chow
Air Brush

Airbrush and Traditional Makeup by Raynis Chow

The makeup trends now are in creating a natural, elegant and shimmering look. Besides usage of the best tools and product, a make-up artist’s (MUA) technique is also crucial in producing an excellent result. Raynis

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MUA and Hairstylist

MUA | Grace Wang

I love the balanced effect of her make-over. The comments I collected so far seem positive. She has been doing an impressive job and the brides who received her service recommended her. Grace Wang is

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