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A “Magical Wedding” with

For the first time your wedding guests are going to be tricked and wowed thanks to Australian magician Julian Bull. There will be intervals during the wedding when nothing is really happening other than people chit-chatting and drinking. It will be amazing to have someone there to create a special moment where objects will suddenly appear out of thin air and without anyone expecting it something magical happens. It is the sensational feeling that makes the event truly memorable.

Types of Performance:

table to table magical wedding Australia
Roving Close up Magic

Roving Close up Magic
Many of us watch magic shows on TV but it’s rare that we get to see a live one. Live magic is a different ball game as the audience watch from all angles, no camera tricks. In the roving close up act, Julian can go from table to table performing magic tricks and mentalism before the guests’ eyes. Doing it right is not easy, what’s more, the added ‘wow’ factor. It is quite apparent if you watch his videos, that everyone was entertained with lots of laughter, oohs and aahs. The duration of each performance is between 5 to 15 minutes for groups of 10 or less. 
Fee: $250/hour
cabaret act for wedding
Cabaret Act
Cabaret Act
For half an hour your guests (not more than 100 people) can experience a prestigious stage magic performance by Julian. It is his charisma and mind-blowing tricks that leave the guests in awe and totally impressed. Check out the reviews here. You can plan for a wedding venue which allows special arrangements for a show like this, with an elevated platform or small stage and no pillars or things like that obstructing the view.
Fee: $250/30min

The magician uses something ordinary, practically anything, things he borrows from the audience or props he made himself, and makes them do something incredible. 
Sleight of hand with coins, cards, balls, paper, cups, etc.
Julian also does magic shows for kids, childcare centres and events like birthday parties, school incursions, Christenings and others. 
Julian Bull Magic, Sydney
Tel: 04-378 96344
You can check his schedule [HERE]. He can do the show outside for outdoor weddings if the weather is fine.
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