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Adam Studio House was established in 2000. They offer professional photography services for commercial purpose such as product, company profile and advertising as well as wedding day, pre-wedding and portraiture. An apprentice of renown photographer Jen Siow, Adam fell in love with the art of shooting beautiful images and never look back. Through the years he acquired many skills and experiences involving himself in commercial and wedding photography, shot in various events, for fashion magazines like Icon, worked with local and international celebrities such as Amber Chia and Simon Yam.

Adam would shoot again and again until the desired outcome is achieved. His idealistic approach to  photography draws him away from being a businessman with a fixated set of ideas to generate the most profit in the shortest time. In 2004 and 2006, he organized wedding on board a plane to Thailand and Hong Kong respectively. The couples were selected through a series of interviews to have their dream wedding in a plane which would not have happen if it weren’t for this event. His negotiation with the Hong Kong airline partner Cathay Pacific was not smooth sailing at all but he and his team made it through. This mega event which barely generated any profit for him was completed with a big smile on all the couples’ faces. The experience is all that matters. The Malaysia Book of Records marked and featured the unique “wedding in plane” celebration in 2006. 

Striving to be innovative, Adam is always looking for new inspirations. For him each experience is a learning step. He appreciates the beauty in things and people and it shows in his  photos which connect to people, they captivate their senses. He loves capturing the emotional moments and important details of weddings.  

bride sitting on the fence
Captures at the right moment
wedding photographer captures mood
Experienced in portraiture, Adam captures the mood naturally
model bride
Pose like a star for your wedding photos
black and white cool
Photo with a rustic feel
portrait for wedding
Elegant Black and White
yip mun shirt
horse cart

saree blue and golden accessories

Details of a colorful wedding
tied in red ribbon
looking towards the stage
An excited bride
experienced reasonable price
celeb commercial
Celebrity portraits
once a lifetime experience
Wedding in Plane, a once a lifetime experience

Nov 2008

As you may know, as an art enthusiastic, i love photography apart frm wedding photographs. As fashion/ studio shots is a totally different ball game then the moment shots which i normally come across. I must say Adam, though someone i have never worked with him before and this the first time, his photos really captivates my senses and is someone with a good eye=)
Looking forward to work with ya again bro!

Who could capture a more gorgeous image of you than someone who is so experienced in photo-shooting beautiful people, models, beauty pageant contestants and artists? Wedding photography is most of the time about the shooting style. If you like a value-for-money package with photos that touch your heart, give Adam a call to discuss further.

Adam Yoe – Adam Studio House
FB Page:
Tel: 012-686 8267

Rates: from RM1188

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