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Aivy Yong Bridal Styling

You have reached an important part of your journey in life. You want to walk down the aisle with your dearest looking fab and confident. Aivy Yong comes with the well-suited experience to help you achieve that. Her chic western or the alternative vintage bridal style with a modern touch will make you a very lovely bride on your wedding day. She has re-established the characteristics of her make up services and re-branded it as La Belle Fluer. To achieve the modern sophisticated effect, Aivy is continuously catching up with the latest trends.
Hair styles like tightly wound ringlets or stiff updos with all the hair pinned up neatly are becoming less popular. Aivy believes that fresh ideas as well as inspirations such as those from celebrity on the red carpet keep her abreast. I think she is proficient in modern hair-dos such as the soft messy updos, side curls, long touchable waves which have a looser feeling. In addition she enhances the bride’s features without overpowering her appearance. The hints of shade at the right area and subtle shimmer produce a clean natural finish. Otherwise go for the stylish dramatic, for example eyes framed with a deeper liner, with more vibrant smoky colors and the bright glossy lips. Aivy will pull off a look that complements your personality and qualities.
loose bun sultry curls
Messy loose bun inspired by hair of celeb Taylor Swift and Eva Longoria. Miley Cyrus with half up/ down soft sultry curls.
bridal hair by aivy yong
Very chic soft updos creation of Aivy Yong. #natural
lustrous soft long curls
Left: The elegant Chinese vintage. Right: Lustrous soft long curls.
red flower to the side, red lip bride
red carpet
La Belle Fluer – AivyYong Studio now offers a complete set of bridal styling and theme from bridal accessories, wedding gown and even wedding flower bouquet that suit you best – as you walk down the aisle.
Already in her 9th year in this line, Aivy accumulated the essential experience in the art of beautifying a bride. She would provide some home skin care routine tips for her clients before the big day. In order to achieve that flawless natural outcome you need to prep your skin well because makeup will start flaking if you have dry skin. Aivy does not cover up the problem areas with thick layer of foundation, instead she conceals and evens up the tones with a specialized formula for an ultra dewy look.
Aivy Yong creates the natural flawless complexion using air brush makeup. Airbrush makeup leaves a light, seamless veil of color over the skin, creating the illusion of a perfect face because it is misted on, unlike traditional makeup which is rubbed into the skin. It allows your true skin to breath and the tone to show through without exaggerating the pores. Its other advantages are the long lasting effect – lasting all morning and night without re-applying, evenness in tones and the ability to cover virtually every skin flaw. It makes you look great on photos and video including high definition ones.
smooth complexion, flawless, cover every blemish
spray on the face of a model, black and white
Bashful Brides @ Nov 2012
I made an appointment with her for a trial session at her studio at SOHO, Empire Subang. She began by explaining to me the process and started to work on my face. I was quite impressed with the results as it was very natural, dewy, fresh and gives me better coverage compared to traditional make up.  I have 2 major concerns, my freckles and acne back. Imagine my delight when I discovered that airbrushing can conceal my freckles completely! I never thought it was possible as it was impossible with traditional make up.  Then came my hideous acne back. Traditional make up using concealer and foundation will take a looooooong time to conceal my entire back. But with airbrushing, it was done in a couple of minutes. I intend to wear barebacks for my wedding and the only thing holding me back was my acne back. Airbrushing was my saviour!!! I didn’t need to think twice !!!! I engaged Aivy Yong right away and I was so glad that she was available on the few dates I needed her service. She was nice enough to offer me the promotion price she offered at the fair eventhough I did not engage her then. So happy !!!
visitor of WEDresearch @ Mar 2012
“Makeup artist I settled with Aivy Yong, as I think her price is fair and she’s good at airbrush makeup-going for trial on 6th april..I rarely wear makeup so it’s ok with me..”
memoirs @ May 2011
“You can try Aivy Yong make up as she has many years of experience in this line and offer good service and skills. She is very punctual on my friend’s wedding day and able to create the look that she desire…you can always contact her”
wedding look perfect, long fringe to the side,
brilliat makeup chic makeover
la belle fluer, aivy
pearl necklace black dress

La Belle Fluer – Aivy Yong Bridal Makeup Studio

chit chatting with customer on the morning wedding

FB Page:
Tel: +6012-322 6398
Location: Publika Solaris Dutamas

Provides full set styling from bridal accessories, make up and hair, wedding gown, and wedding bouquet.

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