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Ampang Glasshouse – Where Clouds Hover Over the Peak

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Set among an unassuming neighbourhood of old shop houses in Ampang, no one would have expected to stumble upon this gem of a venue. Weddings at the Ampang Glasshouse are beyond amazing, with the right photography angle, this venue is easily the most beautiful wedding place in Malaysia. The romantic glasshouse setup and interior design are an architecture genius. With the wonderful effort put in by the event/ venue person in charge (according to reviews of their customers), your wedding planning at this location will be a smooth ride. 

The cons: It is a small venue, not suited for big crowds. With our sunny Malaysian weather, keeping your guests cool could be a problem despite the air conditioning. It is a semi out-door open space after all.

Rooftop Glasshouse

most beautiful wedding KL

Where the Clouds hover over the peak

Ampang Glasshouse’s signature space “Rooftop” is the most popular area. It is a combination of the Glasshouse Area and Pool Side Garden area. The glasshouse features ceiling to floor windows, is perfect venue space for your unforgettable ROM or wedding event! Amaze your guest with beautiful scenery from top of our building. This area also has its own private amenities with Kitchen, VIP room, AV sounds room, bar facility and glass swimming pool too. This light, spacious function room holds a maximum of 10 banquet style tables. 

Sitting: 64 pax |   Standing: 80 pax |  Banquet: 10 pax

  • AV Room 
  • Welcome Lobby and Air Conditioning
  • Stylish function room
  • Projector TV and Karaoke
  • Poolside Garden
  • Make-up Room 
  • Private Room
  • Stage, Wifi and microphone
  • Elevator

Poolside Garden

poolside party wedding

The garden area by the pool is suitable to host intimate pre-wedding, wedding or after parties. Here your guests will be able to enjoy the outdoors and the KL skylights. You could also opt to use the pool. 

Sitting: 92 pax |  Standing: 108 pax 

  • Air Conditioning, Welcome Lobby, Poolside Garden
  • Glass Swimming Pool
  • Make-up Room
  • Private Room
  • Gazebo and fish pond
  • Stage, Wifi and microphone
  • Elevator

The Cave

One of the special features of this event space is the beautiful, well designed wood-panelled wall. This space is suitable for smaller functions or corporate events.

Sitting: 72 pax |   Standing: 88 pax

Welcome Lobby

The Welcome Lobby has it’s own concept, it is the most formal area of the glasshouse.

Sitting: 25 pax |   Standing: 50 pax

Other photos

Photography : @andrewkoestudio | Decorator : @kiongartwedding

ampang glasshouse mountain view overseas

With the right photography angle, this venue is easily the most beautiful wedding place in Malaysia

Located in an unassuming neighbourhood of old shop houses in Ampang

garden wedding live band

Live Band performance for your garden wedding


The backdrop of the garden with a gazebo and a pond. Photo: Mix Century


June 2022

Recently had a reception at the venue Glasshouse Ampang and it was nothing short of amazing! There are two areas, an indoor and an outdoor area and we had a lot of guests so I was worried the ones outdoors would feel excluded during the event. However it was not like that at all! The venue had a very open feel to it, and we had a video feed that broadcasted the event so all our guests could see it.

Nicki, the person in charge from Glasshouse Ampang was integral to the reception’s success. We followed their recommendation on the photographer and videographer for the venue and it all went smoothly. All the vendors worked well and were familiar with the venue. For small events I would highly recommend them as they will take care of you and go above and beyond to ensure your event is memorable.

Thank you to the staff at Glasshouse Ampang for making the night absolutely perfect

April 2022

Hosted both my wedding reception & Holy Matrimony here; love the entire venue, staffs and logistics. Worked well with WYK catering and event_diaries decoration as well.
All my guests love the non-hotel type of wedding reception and it is unusually stunning! The venue allows to have fireworks as well.

May 2022

Gorgeous place hands down! The service was superb and Nikki is super helpful! Great place for wedding events! Everything was perfect except the weather too hot haha.

Mar 2022

My husband and I recently did an intimate malay wedding reception here! And IT WAS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. We highly recommend this place. The venue itself is magical and everything was complete, first floor u have a make up room and vip room, second floor deco was esthetic cave like with a cozy room that has netflix and suitable for family to chill. And of course the top floor is just gorgeous! The indoor was the glasshouse with was the highlight and outdoor equipped with swimming pool, gazebo (we had a band playing there) and also a top deck for amazing view!

But most importantly, we loved and appreciate how the whole Ampang glasshouse team managed our event. From the cleaning team (with strict sops in place), parking was smooth ( even all my guest praised them) and of course nicky the venue manager was the best and gave us the best tips and trick to make our wedding the best of THE BEST! We wouldnt have manged to throw a gorgeous event without her! From the bottom of our heart, thank you Nicky!!!!

We literally had an amazing time. Our guests were so happy with the venue! Will def come back for another event and recommend to our friends.

Mirrors, blackboard, projector screen, lovely chandelier, classic wooden panels, the view of the wondrous sky, all in one well-designed area

The technical part of your wedding media is covered

There’s something about the sparkly sky that amazes the soul

Suitable for akad nikah

Outdoor wedding lunch

A grand affair

Make-up room on the first floor


Ampang Glasshouse

Website: ampangglasshouse.com

Tel: +6019-337 6236

Add: No. 22, Jalan Cempaka 15, Taman Cempaka, 68000 Ampang, Selangor

Email: hello@ampangglasshouse.com


Happy Hour Package – RM6,980+
6 Hours Including Setup & Event & Dismantle Time
(09:00 am – 03:00 pm OR 05:00 pm – 11:00 pm )


Full House Use For Half Day (6 Hours)

Fully Air-Conditioned at All Area (6 Hours)

Make Up / Dressing Room (6 Hours)
1 Unit Cooler at Poolside Garden (6 Hours)

3 Pax Housekeeper For 3 Areas Allocation (6 Hours);-
– Floor clean at all time
– Furniture arrangement throughout event
– Washroom cleanliness maintenance

Audio Visual (6 Hours) ;-
– Karaoke System
– 2 Unit Mic
– Speaker at all level
– Screen & projector at Glasshouse and The Cage
– Audio Visual Technician on Standby

Signature Package – RM9,880+
15 Hours Including Setup & Event & Dismantle Time
(08:00 am – 11:00 pm)

Full House Usage For Full Day (15 Hours)

Fully Air-Conditioned at All Area

Make Up / Dressing Room
3 Unit Cooler at Poolside Garden

3 Pax Housekeeper For 3 Areas Allocation;(6 Hours)-
– Floor clean at all time
– Furniture arrangement throughout event
– Washroom cleanliness maintanance

Audio Visual (6 Hours);-
– Karaoke System
– 2 Unit Mic
– Speaker at all level
– Screen & projector at Glasshouse and The Cage
– Audio Visual Technician on Standby

Furniture Rental (Additional Option) – RM1,500+

Chiavari Chairs
– Gold (80 Unit)
– White (120 Unit)

Colorful Cushion
– Orange (20 Unit)
– Green (20 Unit)
– Blue (20 Unit)
– Pink (20 Unit)

Table Cloth

Rectangular Table 2′ x 4′ – Can fit up to 4-6pax (23 Units)

Rectangular Table 2′ x 5’ – Can fit up to 4-6pax (7 Units)

Banquet Table 6’ – Can fit up to 12 pax (6 Units)

Banquet Table 5’ – Can fit up to 10 pax (9 Units)

Cocktail Table (9 Units)
+ Ribbon (Gold/Silver)

External Caterer/ Decorator Surcharge: RM350



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