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Andy Lim – Capturing the Emotion in your Wedding Pictures

The word “photojournalism” has been mentioned again and again in the photography arena but what is it really? Take a look at the pictures below and you can immediately make a story out of every action, emotion on their faces and so on. I was amazed by how Andy Lim caught the photo-journalistic moment at just the right time.

When asked how did he do it so amazingly as things happen rather fast during weddings, he says he strives to capture real moments through skill, anticipation and experience. He believes this is the unique strength of Emotion in Pictures. This cannot be fixed in Photoshop, because it needs to be captured at the right time, with the right expression, and the right lighting. The combination of all these factors requires a lot of skill to pull off. Their experience in multi-cultural weddings enables them to anticipate when the right moment will happen, and be ready for it. Have a look at their slideshows ( and pictures (, the expressions (laughter, joy, quiet bliss) are all real. They did not influence or incite those expressions, but rather they were ready to capture them when they do happen.

Great news to the newly engaged couples who are searching for a good photographer for the big day. Emotion in Pictures is running a year-end promotion, and the lucky winner will take home a RM1000 discount voucher that can
be used for their 10-Hour Wedding Day Photography package. Your wedding
day photography must take place by 22nd December 2013. For more information, go to: To enter the contest you just have to click on “Enter Sweeptakes” and login with your Facebook credentials. As simple as that.

small picture
The groom is holding on to his one and only, checking if everything is ok.
incredibly natural
I love this. It just looks incredibly natural.
wonders why tea is served during wedding
Curiosity of a little girl. Why do you serve tea at wedding..
hardwork at wedding, marching out
They don’t have to say “thank you” to the groomsmen, their expressions say it all.
praise song
Grateful to the Almighty.
male and female separate
When the two become one, being united in faith.
western couple in malaysia
A blissful union.

Compared to other PGs who carry out heavy photo editing, Andy does very minimal post-processing to his clients’ wedding day pictures. This is a matter of principal, as he prefers the pictures to be as real as possible, reflecting the true mood and ambiance of that special day. For portraiture, post-processing is used to create the right mood, and also this is where he does choreograph the couples as in how to pose. But never excessively so. While his style may not suit everyone, those who
appreciate this method will be amused by his talent in bringing out real emotion by pure photography skill and experience.

Having been in the industry for 7 years, Andy Lim is no stranger to the wedding photography community. He thinks new knowledge and skills are good to know, but they do not affect Emotion in Pictures‘ core approach: To shoot faithfully, reproducing those precious moments as truthfully as possible. Andy believes that the quality of his work is appreciated by his target clientele who value real wedding pictures and not overly influenced by the presence of the photographer.

He chooses not to participate in any professional photography certification bodies. Instead of following the crowd, Andy chooses to stay true to his beliefs, and it has been proven effective. I find him to be passionate about his profession and very detail oriented. He will definitely work out the specific requirements with his clients to achieve the desired result.

Positive reviews: Magnificent work. He captures remarkable pictures of wonderful moments. Loved his candid and natural style. Created picture-story that brings back sweet memories and happy tears. Different from other photographers. Great experience working with Andy. Comfortable during picture taking
time. Humble and down to earth, no airs about him.

Rating: 4/4 (100%)
weina @ October 2012: Love his work!
judith @ Oct 2012: Choosing Andy was the best decision me and my
husband made for our wedding. It’s been more than a year and looking back at
his picture-story he created for us brings back sweet memories and happy
tears for the both of us. After our wedding, many friends of ours chose him
as their photographer for their weddings. A great experience working with him
before, during and after our wedding.
Thanks Andy!
Randy and Julyn @ Oct 2012: When my husband and I we met Andy, it was
indeed an instant connection. Not only was he humble and down to earth, his
work was magnificent. It was really inspiring going through his credentials.
The pictures that he has managed to capture were simply remarkable and
stunning – such captivating shots of wonderful moments. It was indeed
different from what we have seen from other photographers. We feel really
honored for Andy to have taken our post-wedding pictures last year in Cameron
Highlands Resort. It was so beautiful and we are simply so grateful for what
he has done for us. Thank you Andy!
Ally and Andrew Leow @ Oct 2012: I came to know about Andy after
checking out his website. Loved his candid and natural style of taking
photographs. He made me and my husband comfortable during picture taking
time. No airs about him. We will always cherish the photos he took for our
wedding day. Hope to be able to work with him in the future.

Emotion in Pictures (Andy Lim)

Tel: +6012-3788082
Wedding Day:

5 hrs package fr RM3.5K
10 hrs package fr RM7K

Pre-wedding: from RM2K

You will get the lead photographer (Andy Lim) for all the packages, together with a trusted associate photographer. Booking terms. The packages can be customized.

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