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Aspial Wedding SS2 PJ

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Overall customers are very pleased with Aspial SS2’s customer service and the handling of the entire pre-wedding photo-shoot. The crew is friendly, kind, and accommodating. The friendliness may reduce if the staff thinks you ask for too much. They offer quite an impressive shooting concept.

Photographer (PG):
  • Eric has been described as a funny guy. Clients are pleased with the outcome of the photos he took.
  • Dylan Yong (also known as Ah Yong) is very professional. With his experience and inter-personal skills, he is able to create a light moment where everyone is comfortable during the pre-wedding shoot. You can discuss about your preference of what you want to be focused on more; the background or the people. The couples are happy with his work, as he captures nice the photos. 
Make-up artist (MUA): The amazing Ming Ai managed to create the bridal styles that suit each wedding/ evening gown brilliantly. Celine creates simple yet elegant hairstyles. While the MUAs may be talented, every client’s preference is subjective. Some of the styles might not match your taste, so be open in your communication.

Gowns: Not a lot of choices but you can find some nice selections. Theirs gowns are gorgeous; The grand ones make you look a million dollars, the delicate gowns are simply original.

There is additional cost of ampoules $85 for the bride and $85 groom + eye lashes $30 = RM200, and no other hidden charges.

photographer mua consultant
The SS2, PJ Team
album framed photos
Album, and framed photos. Source: | Aug 2013
sister jimui photos
“Sister” (“Ji-Mui”) photos-
cap style veil
In France. The bridal style is very delicate. Love the cap style veil and vintage look.
magnificent photo
A grand dress like this make magnificent photos
Photoshoot in Italy
wedding magazine
like fashion magazine
hairband pretty bride

Mar 2017
Very professional service. I’ve bought one of their wedding packages there and they are very responsive, responsible and they help to put my wife and I at ease by explaining what needs to be prepared before, during and after the pre-wedding shoots. I highly recommend the place if anyone  else wants to consider going for a pre-wedding album.
Mar 2017
They offers various pre wedding packages, ranging from RM 4K onwards. Minimum 30 poses & they would never return all the soft copies. I signed up for a 5K package with 55 edited poses & the owner (Lee – a very friendly guy) convinced me that 55 poses were more than enough. 200 + pictures were taken on the shooting day & when we were called to view the pictures, we shortlisted down to 100 + pictures. There comes the catch, he would offer a few packages to top up the poses at a cheaper rate, else each extra pic would cost rm120.He offered numerous packages for the top up ranging from 3k onwards. We refused. When we cut the pictures out, he reasoned that further cut down would be impossible to make the album into a story. We have got no choice but to pay another additional of rm2000.
Jul 2016
The first look of Aspial Wedding boutique from the outdoor looks really luxurious and classy. Of course the interior design is as splendid as what its’ outlook assured you. Their Photography styles are modern classic and classic vintage style adapted in a very creative way which sets their difference in terms of its uniqueness and distinction from the rest. You can try their gown before looking at their package price and the coordinator gave me some pertinent advice on how to select the gown that fits me the most! Their service is very professional!

Jul 2014
Professional, experienced. Avoid the crowd by
calling in to book an appointment with their consultant, preferably
weekdays in the afternoon. Don’t be pressured into making decisions
there n’ then.
Mar 2011
Very professional service all round, from
counter sales, makeup artists, to photographers. Very pleased with their
service and outcome of photos!
Jan 2011
Wedding photo very nice!! (English Translation)
Aug 2013
SS2, Aspial Wedding shoot. So far, we love this bridal salon services, SA, makeup artists, photographers hostesses with everyone like family, very kind.

Aspial Wedding

building double story
The SS2 Branch

FB Page:
Add: No. 94, SS2/24, 47300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia
Tel: 603-7877 5323     
Fax: 603-7877 0323

Business hours: 11am-9pm, Sunday: 11am-7pm
Closed on: Monday

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