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The Majestic Avillion Legacy Melaka

The majestic Avillion Legacy Hotel in the UNESCO World Heritage town of Melaka has been able to successfully captivate every person who stepped foot in the building. With an influence of colonial architecture in its external structure, the hotel has a very elegant interior. The pillarless Pacific Ballroom with its high ceiling and magnificent chandelier, is the perfect banquet hall for a stylish wedding reception. There is a spacious foyer to hold cocktail/ pre-reception parties. The impressive glass dome lobby and classic Roman pillars are some of the highlights you have to pay attention to when you visit the hotel.
tinted glass yellow blue flowers
Left: Hotel Lobby. Right: Magnificent chandelier in the Pacific Ballroom.
stained glass ceiling
Concave ceiling with beautiful stained glass
avillion legacy melaka
Left: The grandeur of the ballroom. Right: Stately colonial hotel building


ahmike @ Jun 2012
The wedding and luncheon were done in
Avillion Legacy Hotel, the place was beautiful and majestic.
romanticcharms @ Sep 2011
While we entered the ballroom, it is
very nice and big. There is a very big Crystal Light hanging at the roof top.
The whole design is in Renaissance style…personally i like it very much.
joyce @ Oct 2010
David attended his high school
friend’s wedding reception and I tagged along. The venue? The grand, majestic
Avillion Legacy Melaka located at 146, Jalan Hang Tuah, 75300 Melaka. I was
immediately captivated and mesmerized by the building’s grandiose and
impressive colonial structure the moment I set my eyes upon them. It’s so
perfect for a romantic getaway. The wedding dinner was held at the Pacific
Ballroom. Pillarless and with high ceiling, the Pacific Ballroom has an
impressive interior that comes with a dramatic crystal chandelier. It has a
spacious foyer that is ideal for hosting cocktails or pre-dinner receptions.
The lobby has an impressive and majestic concave high ceiling with colorful
tinted glass. Beautiful, serene, and simply romantic.
Indoor wedding ceremony church
Christian wedding ceremony
drink bite, avillion legacy melaka
Foyer for guests to mingle and have a drink / bite

Tze Seong and
Joanne’s Wedding
Christian Ceremony and Dinner Reception

white chair covers walk down aisle
perform at wedding ROM
There is a stage for performance
walk out the aisle, completed
wedding reception cake cutting
Wedding Reception

Avillion Legacy Melaka
Add: 146 Jalan Hang Tuah, Melaka 75300 Malaysia
Tel: +606 281 6868
Email: res@avillionlegacymelaka.com
Capacity: Pacific Ballroom I, II and III 350 pax sit-down banquet

Wedding Package 2018: from RM788 nett/ table

Capacity: Pacific Ballroom I, II & III – 350 pax (sit down banquet)

ref: http://gotomelaka.blogspot.com, Evento Holidays

  • Amy
    November 29, 2012 at 5:02 am

    Attended my cousin's wedding here. Beautiful exterior & interior, but a lot of people did not enjoy the food – taste: so-so & portion: small. The chairs & tables only LOOK expensive. Waiter/waitress are not attentive.

  • Cher
    November 30, 2012 at 12:27 pm

    I attended my fren's wedding here too. The hotel look beautiful outside, actually their interior are OLD for me. I stayed one night here and the room the hotel gave me was DIRTY and the furniture are very OLD! Yup food is so-so only. The food portion i cannot remember. My feeling for this hotel is "OLD".

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