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Beautiful View on the hills – Cameron Highlands

Cameron Highlands, located on the Titiwangsa Range still retains much of the charm of an English town. At about 1500 metres above sea-level, the temperature here can drop to 16 ˚C or lower at certain times. The weather remains at the lower 20′s most of the time. Being a primarily agricultural domain, you will find an abundance of greens, vegetables and fruits farms covering many parts of the highlands. This is an amazing location for wedding photo-shoots with lovely sceneries of tea plantations, beautiful flowers and plants you won’t see flourishing elsewhere in Malaysia.

A small distance up from Ringlet, you will see an old English country home styled hotel, the Lakehouse Cameron Highlands Hotel. This heritage of Malaysia’s colonial past is situated on top of a hill away from other buildings, overlooking a lake (hence the name). The interior which is full of antiques and English Themed wooden furnishing – apart from the beautiful exterior, is an ideal spot for wedding pictures with a traditional English charm. To conduct your photo-shoot you have to be the hotel guest or a diner there. A formal approval letter has to be submitted. To find out more, contact the hotel at +605 495 6152.

beautiful landscapes of cameron

Photo: posh wedding

Lovely sight of beautiful landscape and old English cottages

tudor style architecture

Lakehouse Cameron Highlands Hotel – tudor-style architecture resort. Photo by Posh Wedding.

cosy lakehouse

Interior of the Lakehouse Cameron

I think the main reason to drive up this hill is to capture the spectacular tea plantation views. Here the cool weather allows you to stay outdoor for a longer duration.

BOH Tea Plantations

  1. Boh Tea Garden in Ringlet

  2. Sungei Palas Tea Estate (owned by Boh) in Brinchang – It is located further up north above Brinchang on a hilltop, amidst rows of tea bushes and close to Gunung Brinchang. The Boh Tea Centre

    houses a tea refreshment area, a souvenir and tea shop as well

    as an exhibition area featuring information about the tea manufacturing

    process, benefits of tea and the history of Boh Plantations. It links to a 20 foot

    overhanging platform which presents spectacular views of the tea garden. There are two parking lots, upper area which is usually full and a lower one.

Cameron Valley Bharat Tea Plantation – Located along the main road from Ringlet to Tanah Rata this is a good spot where the wedding crew can stop and have fun with scenic fields. Ample parking spaces are available along the road and there is also a small tea shop where you can enjoy a cup of the locally produced tea.

overhanging platform sungei palas

Boh Tea Centre’s overhanging platform

cameron valley bharat tea plantation

Left: Tea plantation at Boh Sungei Palas

Right: The view of Cameron Valley Bharat tea plantation

Photos by

sunset on hills

sungei palas

Boh Tea Centre exhibition area at Sungei Palas

orange wooden background

great photo scenery

Boh Tea Plantation


smells of tea leaves

May 2012

relaxing on a cool afternoon

The Cameron Highlands Resort is perhaps the most luxurious boutique hotel there with the best customer service.

luxurious hotel photoshoot

Feb 2012: Tea plantation and Cameron Highlands Resort

piano fire place



Another shooting location is the Smokehouse Hotel. With its lattice windows, wooden beams, beautifully tended garden with flowers and plants (especially the climbing plants on the wall), it is certainly a great backdrop for your memorable wedding images. The fee for photo-taking is RM500. Tel: 05-491 1215 to inquire.


green on the outside of the house

Smokehouse Hotel Cameron Highlands

lattice windows wooden beams

Smokehouse Hotel: lattice windows, wooden beams and the English country house setting.

phone booth, english old house

Various scenes at Smokehouse Hotel

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