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Bespoked by Ian Chang, 1 Utama

Malaysian clothier Ian Chang of Bespoked is the first Asian to have received a certificate of recognition for his tailoring skills by the Savile Row Academy. During an internship stint at Maurice Sedwell, a prestigious and regal bespoke boutique at the world-famous Savile Row in London, an idea was birthed to introduce those same traditions and secrets of bespoke tailoring to the Malaysian public. Savile Row is a street in Mayfair, central London, known principally for its traditional bespoke tailoring for men.

Bespoke suits are cut from a unique pattern drafted from scratch from
custom measurements of the customer, and is entirely hand-stitched. Very
few tailors in the world maintain this standard anymore as it takes
months just to produce one suit, and the cost is high. Bespoked is able
to offer a combination of old-school quality tailoring and contemporary
fashion and style to ensure you look and feel like the gentleman you
want to be. Following the measurement-taking a unique paper pattern will
be created from scratch. Using this pattern the cloth is then cut and
trimmed and the parts of the garment passed on to a single technician to
sew and piece together. At least another one fitting is necessary to
complete the final processes to produce a beautiful suit.

As mentioned in the Reviews section, canvassing on an MTM suit is rather costly, so the customer has gone for fused instead and asked for a traditional British cut and straight
pockets, notched lapels, four working buttons on each cuff, double vents
and went for a nice charcoal grey tropical wool (good for the hot
weather here). Final price after discount for RM2800 in 2015 at Bespoked by Ian Chang.

Here are the descriptions of a canvas and fused suit:

half full
Full Canvas suit – Back in the day, all suits were made of canvas. It was usually a horsehair canvas, which is sewn between the lining and the cloth of the jacket. The canvas allows the suit fabric to drape properly and will mold to your body over time (for the perfect fit).  It aids in the longevity of the suit by distributing tension at stress points. #fullycanvassed

Fused suit – This is an interlining that is heat pressed (glued) to the wool of the suit. It is less durable over time and loses flexibility. [source] | May 2016 | groom’s attire is by Bespoked

groom | Apr 2014 | groom’s attire is by Bespoked

#Notch lapel

goofy look

tuxedo black
Tux with shawl satin lapel #Shawllapel | Jun 2014

praise and worship

cute flower girl

bespoked tailor
Malaysian clothier Ian Chang
Jan 2017
Introduced to us by our wedding planner, my husband made two suits for our wedding 11 years ago (talk about customer loyalty!). On his recent visit back home, he decided to get his work suit tailored here. Surprise, surprise… the level of customer service has gone down the drain with the many many years of experience.
Three words : Never.Going.Back
Hint : The scene in the movie ‘Pretty Woman’ where Julia Roberts walked in and said to the sales girl, ‘Big mistake, big mistake’ p/s : Also, we have 2 sons. If you know what I mean.

Nov 2016
Good service and skill and respondsible. Keep it up Bespoked .

Aug 2015
Very Good Couturier, I’m very happy of my costume. Thank you.
Apr 2014
Bespoked by Ian Chang – 1Utama Shopping Centre at the One World Hotel exit. Does great shirts
May 2014
Bespoked by Ian Chang – 1 Utama next to One World Hotel. Depending on material can range from 2 to 3K.
June 2015
I’ve gone back to the tailor (Bespoked Ian Chang) asking for canvassing options and I was told that for the fabric within my budget I was going for (despite it being pure wool) is not worth canvassing as it’s an expensive service for a mediocre fabric and that it was better to choose the best fabrics (such as Dormeuil) for a bespoke service.
Not sure how true this is but I was told that with canvassing over time some stitching my come out due to wear and tear and it would cost a lot to reopen and fix it and it’s not worth spending a fortune on mediocre fabrics.
As it’s my first MTM suit and tailor experience I have decided to opt out of online first as I’d like a taste with working with a tailor face to face. I understand this costs more so I might most probably go online MTM once I’m familiar with my measurements.
As canvassing on an MTM suit is out of my budget I have reluctantly gone for fused. I have asked for a traditional British cut and straight pockets, notched lapels, four working buttons on each cuff, double vents and went for a nice charcoal grey tropical wool (good for the hot weather here). I’m hoping despite the fusings it would look the best it possibly can on me. Final price after discount for RM2800.

Bespoked Sdn Bhd

bespoked by Ian chang

FB Page:
Add: G219 & G219a, Ground Floor Promenade, 1 Utama Shopping Centre, No. 1 Lebuh Bandar Utama, Petaling Jaya, Selangor    47800
Tel: 603-7724 2499

VISIT THE BOUTIQUE: Open daily from 10a.m. – 10p.m.

Map (the direction to the shop inside 1 Utama):

bandar utama


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