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Thanks for visiting wedresearch. Are you a researching bride, you were a bride or google brought you here by chance? The cyber world is simply amazing, you can now search just about anything and the answer will be right in front of you on the monitor. It’s frustrating however that at times I ended up on some bogus sites. Information is stored in multiple locations, a particular forum may contain a few different threads of a same topic, comments are scattered all over the place. For instance, of all 30 comments in a forum topic, maybe only a couple of them are actually useful. Don’t you wish the relevant data is filtered out and then presented to you in one page?

Now here’s the deal. I’m sure you have inquired about or dealt with a wedding vendor in some ways. Why not share the experience. Similarly, when downloading a movie/song from any P2P file sharing application, someone has to seed (feed the data) for the downloaders (leeches) to get it. Contribution can be made by writing a comment. You don’t have to be a registered blogger to comment, simply select; Anonymous or Name/URL. Otherwise, email me at Sounds good?

If everyone provides one useful piece of information, it saves fellow BTB’s effort big time, shortlisting from the sea of available options. Perhaps you have attended a wedding recently, how did the food taste, did you have problems with the service, were you comfortable with the ambiance or you thought the reception went pretty well? How would you rate the overall service rendered by the BS (Wedding Acronym), did the photography standard meet your expectation, or was there a ‘wow’ factor, did you like the makeup/ styling and gowns selection? You are happily married and your AD photos were a big disappointment, feel free to inform us what went wrong. Was the MUA you hired worth the money spent?

I underwent the laborious wedding planning myself. Listing down the qualities, rates, contact, pictures, comments, of each vendor helps me get a better assessment. My thought is keeping all this information to myself would be such a waste.

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