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Bridal Shop vs DIY Photography

Bridal Shop Package

The advantages of engaging a bridal shop are it takes care of the gowns for PS (Photoshoot) as well as AD (Actual Day) (Be familiarized with some handy abbreviations: Nuptial Initial), PS makeup, album, framed photos and many more. If you prefer hassle-free all in one packages, opt for the BS that gives you the best deal within your budget. I did some studies here: [List:] bridal shop, comparing the gowns, photography, service.

  • Albums: Big and small (Casing: briefcase usually leather)
  • Photos: Fixed number of poses (eg: 50 poses) are returned and edited. Extra charge for additional photos.
  • Framed photos: 1 big and 2 small
  • Photos for distribution aka Jimui photos (4R)
  • PhotoShoot Make-up and hair-do for the bride and simple styling for the groom
  • Photography (outdoor+indoor): wedding gowns, evening gowns + traditional wear + accessories for the bride, suits + traditional costume for groom
  • Actual Day: wedding gown + evening gown, accessories (bride), and suits (groom), bouquet, car decoration
  • Outdoor location: 1-2 locations (entrance fee not
    included). The soon-to-weds usually drive the PG, MUA and (or VG) to the
  • Photo Montage: 1 DVD slide show + background song of your choice

Other freebies:

Music Video DVD which consists of video clips taken during the photographing session. It depends whether the BS provides this service, Mini album (2R), Bunting (1 or 2 photo of your choice), Calendar, Guest book, Magazine that contains your pre-wedding pictures.

consist of gowns AD photoshoot car decor album
All-in-one package: PG, MUA, EG, WG, album, photos…

DIY Photography (Choose your own vendors)

If you hire a standalone PG, it is then necessary to go hunt for [List:] gowns and [List:] MUA yourself. Factoring in also the albums, printing, etc. the total cost could be greater but you’d end up with higher standard photo-journalistic memories… if the PG is of good caliber.

Bridal Makeup and Hair

Study the makeup and hair style you like before hand so that you know exactly what you want and can communicate with the MUA appropriately.

low updo great makeup not overdone
Natural airbrush makeup and hair. Simple is best. MUA: Raynis Chow
elegant fancy hair
Be a diva on your wedding day. It is the time to shine. MUA: Doris SP


If you value photography artistry and quality a lot, hiring a professional wedding PG is the way to go. BS (Bridal Shop) PG usually makes you hold your expression in corny poses, most of the shots. This lacks spontaneity and creates stiffness in your face. Wedding photojournalism produces images which depict the situation in a narrative way. The situation is illustrated by, for instance a wedding ceremony, love story, a date, fun adventures, or simply a romantic experience. The level of creativity and quality in the result depends very much on individual photographer’s knowledge and experience.

  • Photo-journalistic and more simplistic/ natural album
  • All photo soft copies are returned
  • Have to hunt for gown, attire, MUA, actual day stuff separately

Refer to: [List:] Photographer. In choosing the right PG, you may consider his/ her work ethics, experience, reputation, awards received, certification, charges, whether or not you can work together and like his/ her work, ask some samples of the full collection not only the selected ones.

photo journalism
By choosing your own vendor you can get higher quality photography. Photo: Benson Yin
spending quality time
Wedding photojournalism – captures the couple enjoying the moment instead of stiff pose (H+ Photography)
Sean Lim photography
Creative shot by Sean Lim Photography

Wedding and Evening Gown

Choose your dream gowns and don’t have to be limited by the choices provided by the bridal shop’s package. 

7th heaven bridal
big range of beautiful unique gowns from 7th Heaven Bridal

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