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Bridal Shower, Bachelorette Party, Hen’s Night – Ideas, Comments

Wedding is a time of celebration, the big day as well as the days leading to it. You are ending your bachelorhood it’s time to party. Let your girl friends shower you with gifts, and lots fun. Maybe you treat them to a nice dinner + personalized favors. There are loads of ideas, some may or may not be applicable to you. If you are a bride’s maid searching for bachelorette party / hens night options, this is for you.


Oct 2012

The Bride-to-be loves tea and requested for a tea shower/party. After running through a lot of tea places, sent in enquiries and phoned to ask for menu/ price/ etc, finally we settled at Croisette Café for the private gathering party. Croisette café is a hearty little café that serves bistro food, French inspired cuisine; decorated with greens and floral everywhere.
The lovely owner Michelle is super friendly and helpful. She drafted me the
menu. After scanning, I said yes to it. She too, gave us the whole café for

Our afternoon tea (Croisette Café)  set is priced at rm 35 per pax comes with:

Tuna and egg mayo finger sandwich

Assorted desserts; lovely cakes and New York brownie

Tropical fruit salad which is the chef’s signature recipe; a tangy
and refreshing salad we all loved.

Brewed coffee and English breakfast tea

KarenLempicka @ Jul 2012

My fren threw a bachelorette party here at Luna Bar KL and it was a great. We had it by the pool and we played “dare-game” and the crowds were supportive and fabulous.. Just love this venue and the crowd.

Jun 2012
While blindfolded, the bride was escorted to the secret location (a
friend’s backyard). You can see how happy she was to see everyone there. It
was a pastel themed bridal shower and therefore all the guests wore sweet,
soft tones. All of the decoration were DIY and done by two bridesmaids. Asma
( made the yummy desserts – strawberry
shortcake (in little jars), chocolate and strawberry cake (rose cake),
chocolate eclairs and the most incredible butter cookies (shaped in hearts
and wedding cakes) I’ve ever tasted.  I’m
not exaggerating, I swear. I took one bite and fell in love.
I-have-died-everyday-waiting-for-you kind of love. We bought funny but useful
gifts for her. I came up with a ‘Newlyweds Survival Kit‘, a great idea I
found through Google.
Combined comments
Having the party the night before wedding is quite impossible, we
will be too tired. Maybe one or two weeks before. The choices are; spa, mani, pedicure or massage followed by chocolate cakes at Secret Recipe in the
evening, Private dinner with the girls, go for a trip somewhere like Genting,
Bangkok, Get a male stripper to spice up the night 🙂 Sometimes it depends on
your girlfriends. In the Western culture, the friends would pay and organize
everything for the bride, but in Asia some split the bill evenly, or use the
“angpow” money from the groom (for Chinese) or sponsored by the
bride or Get the bride to sell flowers to raise money. Sometimes the bride
may have to ask for it if the girl friends are less initiative. Suggestions:
Book a suite at Trader’s hotel for the Hen’s night (sleepover), Spa and
proceed to the Skybar.

Party Games Idea                                                                                                          

This Drinking Game works a treat at bachelorette parties to get the conversation flowing! Each
girl gets to complete the sentence, “I have never…” with something that
they have never personally done. Whoever has actually done what the
girl said must take a sip of their drink. You will be surprised as to
who has done what!
For more fun ideas Click Here.
long table chat
Bridal shower at Croisette Café in Cascadium Condominum
hen's night
Customized badges with the photo of the groom for the girls
happy bridal shower
DIY decor. Play Dress-up (vintage, school girls, 60s), or the simple tiara and sash for the bride-to-be.
bride's maids glasses favor
Create your own DIY caricature wine glasses as your party favors. For tutorials videos Click Here. You need a special paint from a craft store and a steady hand.
for bridal shower
Consider cheeky cookies piped with lingerie-themed royal icing for your girl friends to munch.
garden backyard
Bridal Shower Decor ideas (DIY) at a garden or back yard of a house
wearing bunny head band
Girls night out
girls best friend
Women’s favorite things; spa, desserts, chocolate cakes. Pamper yourself together with the girls.

Hit the Bar                                                                                                                                    

The night is a good time to set yourselves apart from the crowd — wear feather boas, matching cowboy hats, tiaras, or leis — because if everyone knows you’re celebrating, your evening is bound to include a few free congratulatory rounds. Don’t underestimate the hilarity of a bachelorette scavenger hunt. Create a checklist for the bride of tasks to complete, from the simple (get a guy to buy you a drink) to the creative-and-almost-impossible (find a guy who has your first name tattooed on his body and take a photo). Take photos of the bride’s successes and keep them in a scrapbook along with an official sign-off from any participants. Be sure to arrange for a designated driver. You’ll probably need it after a long night with lots of drinks. (
Options: Luna Bar, Sky Bar, Zeta Bar in KL
perfect place for bachelorette party
Luna Bar, Pacific Regency Hotel Suites, KL. Funky place to organize a bachelorette party. Games can involve other guests too.


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