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Bridal Style Inspirations with Connie Ng Make Up

2 sessions from RM1000 | Bridal styles should not be limited to the classic chignon and rosy makeup. There are plenty of ideas out there; trends in other countries or the favorite style of a fashion icon. I saw some photos of Connie Ng’s work and it inspired me to write this post. 

The process of prepping the face is usually very tedious with layers of protective moisturizer, primer base, right concentration of liquid foundation, face powder and what not. Connie created the healthy looking porcelain complexion loved by every Japanese girl, using a combination of the right cosmetic products and technique. It did not look too heavy or thick on the face. To add the Gyaru effect, the bottom lashes have been emphasized and a special liner used for the extra sparkle. The big curls are toned down for a more lady-like look.

bright shiny eyes
Inspired by Japanese Gyaru style long big soft curls, emphasized eye bottom. #halfdown
makeup idea
The queen of Gyaru Fashion, Tsubasa Masuwaka
bridal style


The Beehive is a timeless bridal hair-style that never goes out of date. Connie completed the bride’s retro look with thick eyeliner and lush black mascara. Get ready to rock this fashionable 60’s look with a hair band, tiara or simple hair piece.

Try the Gatsby (1920’s) look or birdcage veil which is classic and stylish. You can also use a floral hat. Make sure you wear it in front or at the side so that it’s adequately prominent. For a more dramatic look slab on a lighter foundation shade and go for the gorgeous red lips. And you will surely make a vintage fashion statement at your elegant wedding.

60s hair
The bride rocks this Sixties make-over by Connie. #beehive
gatsby style
big floral hair piece
Connie adopts the soft Korean make-up and hair styling which is the formula of demure Asian beauty, combines it with some Western influence. It produces very modern bridal looks suitable for Asian women’s delicate features. Having loose ends, tendrils, tousled knots or updo’s can make the appearance more natural in a chic way. It’s less stiff.

borrown from korean concept
Simple and elegant middle parting hair style accessorized with a flower. #deeplowparting
back combed looks younger
Back-combed, tousled hair with loose tendrils, chic bridal style by Connie Ng Make Up. #cascadinghair
very feminine
Adopt the demure Korean bridal style
one side loose hair

To make the eyes look three-dimensional, Connie applied medium shimmery color on the eyelid and darker shades at the end of the eye. The correct blend of tones can take years off your face. The eye lining, use of fake lashes and mascara will also affect the overall outcome. It could be dark and thick but should look as natural as possible. If you want a more youthful and relaxed bridal style for a casual reception for instance, try the half up hair – with intertwined french braids and half down – natural waves. Put on a butterfly, ribbon or flower hair piece pair with a multi-strand necklace.
younger looking style
The right eye color toning
takes few years off your age
Dark wing-tip eye lining, shimmery bottom eye lid.
fun looking style
Casual and stunning look for a fun wedding event
green white dress
curl the hair for easier control
connie ng makeup
connie makeup

Connie Ng Make Up

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Rates: 2 sessions from RM1000

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