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Castalia Wedding Gallery JB

Most reviews from forum regarding Castalia are positive. Couples are mesmerised by their natural looking pre-wedding photos. They can totally enjoy the photoshoot, laugh and flirt with each other without having to pose rigidly. Some more artistic, others with a bit of Korean concept influence or casual, the photographer takes care of the overall mood of the photo collection.

Experienced photographers in Castalia, particularly Ah Yuan, mentioned by a few brides take awesome pictures. The photographer would explain their photography style, discuss about the theme preferred by the bride and groom-to-be in order to achieve the desired result. Wedding gowns selection will be a breeze with the coordinator’s personal service. | Jul 2014 | The bride says “I know this time really siao liao, I confirm will choose a lot of photo, coz Ah Yuan photo skill is super solid, and very natural, photo was really come alive”




Jun 2016

We did quite a number of research on wedding galleries (i.e. Mondore, Destino, Venus) to have our pre-wedding photoshoot and even consulted friends who have done their pre-wedding photography. Having an abundance of selections, we eventually decided to go ahead with Castalia Wedding Gallery! JC and Catherine’s promptness and responsiveness in responding to all our queries and requests impressed us as most of the others were pretty impatient after a while.

Wedding Gowns Selection

Wedding gowns selection was a breeze with Catherine’s assistance. I tried many gowns and she never got irritated with me. She could even recommend me gowns based on what I described to her and from pictures I sourced from magazines and websites.
Actual Pre-Wedding Shoot

My husband and I were very delighted to have a wonderful team working with us throughout our pre-wedding shoot. Eva, our make up artist and hairstylist is extremely skilled and did an awesome job with my awfully short hair and make up. Jay was our photographer alongside with Dyven and Yong Yao who were assisting him throughout. My husband isn’t one who takes a lot of pictures and I have been rather rusty from smiling/posing in front of the camera. However, the team made us very comfortable and guided us on all the poses.

Both of us were extremely tired due to the husband’s work emergency the previous night and me still recovering from my bout of flu. Nevertheless, they exuded great patience and accommodated us with all the requests we had, including waiting for us to have our dinner and rest before our last set when it was already quite late (PS: We started at 9am and ended at about 9pm).

A very big THANK YOU to the team at Castalia for such a wonderful experience. While most will be rushing to finish the job asap, the team did not rush us at all. Eugene and I look forward to selecting our pictures and are very happy with the services provided thus far. ♡

Nov 2014

I would like to share my experience with Castalia. I chance upon Castalia through a forum feedback and their facebook. Those feedback I saw were good ones, none of them were negative. We decided to email them to arrange for a meet up session. It doesn’t take long to reach their place, probably around 5 mins from JB custom. When we first step in, they showed us the pictures that past couples took. My husband and I were mesmerised by them. They were so natural looking, not those cliche wedding pictures that we used to see. All couples looked very natual in the pictures, no signs of fake smile or laughter. I remember asking the lady who attended to us, JC, if they were models but JC told me they were real couples. After browsing through the pictures, JC asked about my dream wedding dress and proceed to select a few for me to try on. I didn’t expect I could try on their gowns as I have not signed any package with them. JC was super friendly and attentive throughout (p.s. she was super young too!). I don’t feel them pressuring us to sign their package. In the end, I’ve decided to sign a package with them. They did not psycho us to take their most expensive package but instead they ask what we need. What I wanted was just 1 album and I do not want those bedside photo frame and car decor etc. They managed to convert those items that I do not want to the number of photos I can select. Afew months later, we went back to select our photoshoot gown and suit. Our package allows us to select 5 sets of outfit each. We also met up with the photographer, Ah Yuan, to let him know what’s our theme and our story. My husband and I didn’t though of any theme for our photoshoot, we were totally clueless. Ah Yuan was super nice, he told us to relax and to bring whatever props we want on the photoshoot day and he will settle the rest.We allocated 2 days for photoshoot, 1 day for indoor and the other outdoor. Experience with the crew was awesome! Makeup artist will chat with us while doing our make up, sharing her personal stories and jokes. Photographer assistant, Wei Xian was super helpful al all times and even helped to coordinate outfits for my husband. Photographer, Ah Yuan was super professional in making us laugh when our smiles were quite stiff and taking awesome looking korean lookalive picture. I have not seen our album and select my gown. Will update once I’ve done those.

I can say that their selection of evening gowns are quite limited but I managed to get the white gown of my choice. I wanted those very princessy ball gown type which they have a few to select from.

Their service was awesome! Not pushy at all. They allowed us to try their gowns even before we agree to sign their package. They are also pretty flexible when it comes to our request. Photography was one to one, not in a group which I feel that it’s better.
Jun 2014
In this BS, Castalia Wedding Gallery, they offered different experiences, whereby they express themselves sincerely, unlike the first BS. They have a lot of patience, explaining their packages and services. And luckily, some other bride is trying out her gowns, which I placed my eyes on some of their gowns! ???? ….. And the photographer took time to explain his “style” which are of our criteria, as we wanted a natural feel, instead of having lots of editing , not being able to recognise ourselves :p . And I also started feeling tired after hearing them out for almost 2 hours, and told my fiancé, why not we settled on this, since the basic packages are all of the same, and we liked their style.

Castalia Wedding Gallery JB

FB Page:
Add: 37, Jalan Serampang, Taman Sri Tebrau, 80050 Johor Bahru, Johor.
Tel: +607 – 333 9663/ +607 – 333 9661

Opening Hours: 11am – 9pm


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