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Celestial-Theme Wedding

We always marvel at the vast collection of stars in our galaxy and the ones more distant than our own, so beautiful and mysterious. The wonders of God’s creation is unfathomable. But we can still be thankful for the beauty of His work! Have a celestial themed wedding? Why not… There is so much you could do with planning one. For the most ideal outcome, arrange the details the minute you lock the wedding date. From the bridal gown and the matching glittering crystal nail art to the pre-wedding photoshoot, reception decor, wedding favor and invite, the “sky” is the limit, be creative!
Your guests will be very delighted with a banquet hall filled with bright twinkling “stars”. I believe these are the few ways to do it; glow-in-the-dark patch, fiber optic illuminator, LED, decorative lights, gobo projections. Alternatively organize an outdoor wedding on an evening with full moon, even crazier a lunar eclipse. Let the splendid luminous night sky be the witness to your smashing nuptial.

ballroom filled with gobo projected stars
Stars gobo projection by avforyou.com
the most spectacular ceiling with stars
Beautiful reception with starry ceiling (ourweddingday.com)
stars decorated ribbon on the gift
How to create your glitter star favor wrap

celestial star flavored wedding invitation
Left: Wedding favor of sparkly truffles in a ring box. promisemechocolate.com. 
Right: Celestial Wedding Invite by minted.com.
sky full of stars for pre-wedding photos
2 minute exposure of the camera on a tripod to bring out the night sky and the stars
indian wedding
Light painting circle
by FengLong Photography, USA

light painting technique by lightpainting86.blogspot.my. Is that the sun?

artificial star for wedding photo background
Anovia Bridal‘s romantic and dreamy shot with the “shooting stars”

The bride will make a grand entrance donning a wedding gown embellished with sparkly crystals to emulate the twinkling stars above. Opt for subtle and refined beads. Together with the matching accessories and nail polish, she will glow elegantly.

modern crystal pearl fine beads. stunning sparkling dress
Left: Ivory Silk faced satin bridal gown, sleeveless crystal and pearl
beaded bodice, V-neckline, natural waist, open back. jlmcouture.com.
Right: Crystal tulle soft curved neckline wedding ball gown. eweddingdressoutlet.com.

wedding decor with star stands and balls
Left: Matching sparkling manicure. Right: Wedding venue decoration of stars

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