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Chinese Wedding Door Games

Part of the Chinese wedding ritual includes the groom entourage fetching his bride from her parents home. The bride’s maids aka “ji mui” would block the way and present some challenges for the boys before opening the door. No pain no gain! Some games can be crazy, giving the gate crashing groom a super hard time before he can get his wife. SAVE the Groomsmen Facebook page detests silly door games and advocates that they should be stopped. I think the girls should not go overboard, opt for some fun and light-hearted games just to cheer up the event. Also watch the time. Besides having to go through all these tests, the groom has to prepare a red packet (ang pow) for the ji mui team. No money no honey. **Evil laugh**    

Pick the ones that you like. Other suggestions are welcome. 


When you ask your boyfriend/ husband does he mind if you go out in sweat pants, t-shirt with no makeup, he would say “It’s ok, dress however you feel like honey.” But in fact it does actually bother him. Men want their women to look good yet they complain the girls take too much time getting ready. Ladies require more time (sometimes), “Get used to it!”. So LESSON 1: Compromise and wait for your wife while she spends a little time trying to look presentable. 

To prove his love, dress the groom and his ‘heng dai’ in bra, knickers, sexy dresses, wigs and stilettos, on top of that put on some striking makeup (hehe) and then sing a song or perform a dance. To get a pair of silky smooth legs for the short dress, they need to be waxed first! Another idea: Let the boys experience how pregnancy feels like by putting a weight wrap around their tummy.

wig cute funny

Photo thanks to cuz in-law Lilian. (Police and Cinema themed Wedding)

heart shape ouch

Wax the shape of heart – to test the boys pain endurance


Marriage is about going through the good and bad together; sweet happy moments, challenges in life which have to be faced by the couple together and a bit of pleasant surprises from time to time to spice up the relationship. Be creative and whip up some drinks or food that have each flavor. Prepare some water for the “heng dai” just in case the concoction becomes too strong for them.

sweet sour bitter spicy

The sweet, sour, bitter and the spicy

honey lemon juice, bitter herbal tea, spicy drink

4 “poison” concoctions; honey, lemon juice, bitter herbal tea, spicy drink (wasabi+cili)


“How does it taste like?” Eeeekk…

Hang a gigantic furry cardboard around the neck, get wedding wishes on post-it-notes from neighbors.

looking for messages

Eat a packet of dry rice crispy in one go.

pops in your mouth

Tie some bananas to a string. The boys have to peel off the skin using their mouth and eat the banana.

eat with moutch

failed attempt

Btw they are not supposed to bite the banana together with the skin. This is a failed attempt!


Line the boys up, The first guy must pass a piece of seaweed to the next guy with his lips until it reaches the last guy in line. You can also place an orange (or other fruits) under the groomsman’s chin. He then passes the fruit to the next guy without using his hands.  

passing seaweed with mouth
Passing seaweed (to test their kissing skill?)

without hands

Show some pictures of partner yoga poses and the groomsmen have to follow them.

for chinese wedding door game

wedding gate crashing

Photo by Brendon Liew


Ask the groom to prepare a romantic message to his wife-to-be in the form of a poem, love letter, love song, 10 reasons why does he love her, or his promises to her. He will read or sing it to his bride before access is granted.

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