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Chinese Wedding Theme

The Oriental theme is all about the color RED and occasionally golden. The older generations of Chinese people in Malaysia are relatively more superstitious. They believe that certain rituals have to be performed to achieve good fortune. While the the younger generation now practice a partial traditional wedding to preserve their culture. 

Chinese Wedding Theme. Photos by Valstasia Weddings | Mar 2017

antique car for wedding in KL
You can rent a red classic car from Hyper Luxury Wedding Car Rental Malaysia. The red satin flower (ribbon-hydrangea) ball (绣花球) for car decor can be purchased at Satin 8″ costs RM39. Also from SomethingSpecialToYou in SS2, Lazada (RM172.90) and

wedding hanging set flower ball
Left: from Lazada. Right: from SomethingSpecialToYou.
traditional chinese wedding Malaysia

ip man style groomsmen outfit
Bridal team wearing Traditional Chinese attire

Where to get the bridal team’s attire?

where to buy traditional chinese wear online malaysia
Long traditional Chinese Groom (Ip Man style) robe and mandarin collar shirt and skirt.
There is a wealth of history in Traditional Chinese music. It is something that represents the culture and ought to be preserved. A band which plays the instruments well often tell a story. Eswest Musicians are very experienced performers, they also provide technical classes. The ensemble which encompasses plucked and bowed strings, percussion and wind instruments are able to reflect love experiences, mood and the beauty of one’s life journey. The group’s specialties are their CHINESE instrumental performance (GuZheng, Er-hu, Di-zi, Pi-pa, Yang-qin etc).
best chinese live band malaysia
Eswest Music and Art
A (hand-me-down) classic traditional Chinese wedding attire, has been passed down for 3 generations, first worn 60 years ago by the groom’s grandma, followed by his mom and now to his wife. The love story and wedding of Agnes, a girl from Hong Kong, who met her prince charming from Malaysia Jinn. Take a look at the beautiful photo collection by Ethanity Photography | May 2017
black kua KL
A hand-me-down Chinese attire. Remember to keep yours for your cucu cicit!

The bride would set her feet into a pair of red shoes and put on the traditional wedding jacket and skirt. The bride’s face will be covered with the color red. This covering could either be a silk veil or red tassels. The color of red symbolizes joy and good luck. Dai Kum Jie is there to utter auspicious words and make sure the wedding ritual is practiced correctly. Photo credit: SimplyBenji Photography  | Oct 2016
dai kam jie chinese wedding ritual
The bride’s face is covered with a red silk veil which is part of the bridal ritual

The Shanghai Tang (The Bund) Theme. Photo by: GMPS Wedding Film and Photography. The man in a smart 3-piece suit with a red scarf. The lady in tight fitting cheongsam (qipao).

hui man keong shanghai wedding malaysia

shanghai gown wedding klang valley
Shanghai Tang groom attire inspired by Chow Yuen Fatt in Hong Kong drama series The Bund. The red body hugging cheongsam with lace is from White & Lacy.

Very natural bridal styles for Chinese Theme by S&Co. Bridal Makeup. The makeup is perfect for the oriental team, radiant and rosy.

best bridal makeup for chinese wedding kl
chinese wedding accessories
Chinese Wedding Theme decor from SS2U.

tea ceremony set, phoenix candles
Loong Foong candles, tea ceremony set, Chinese food basket (Fujian)

Photos by Click4Loves.

red bedding, wedding room
A coronet with embroidered tassel veil is worn by the bride in ancient Chinese wedding ceremony. This accessory is regarded as a symbol of nobility as it’s designed for ladies in Chinese imperial palace.  [].
chinese wedding malaysia

headdress wedding tassle malaysia
Chinese Wedding headdress/ coronet from aliexpress.
red lamp bedding set sticker
Chinese Wedding bedding set, red lamp, double happiness wall sticker for decorations. | Jan 2016 | Enderong Resort | Chinese Themed Wedding

tea ceremony wedding bukit tinggi
chinese theme decor blackboard


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