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Connie Ng | Hollywood Airbrush Make Up

Connie Ng Make Up uses the Hollywood Airbrush Makeup method to achieve better coverage, it produces porcelain skin with no visible patchiness. It has been used by celebrities exclusively in showbiz and the film industry for years before it is introduced to the general consumer market. The water-based, lightweight foundations developed in Japan give you the comfortable transparent feeling. 
Derived from a special polymer found in nature, the cosmetics are sweat-resistant and long lasting. The airbrushing technique is able to create the natural looking skin because small amount of fine pigment mist is sprayed onto the face as air travels through the hand piece used by the makeup artist. There is no dragging, therefore the makeup is kind to the skin making the color distribution very even. You can now look like the stars with a flawless and fresh complexion. Connie will blend in the foundation shades suitable for your skin tone.
sweet smooth complexion
You can now have the natural flawless complexion with Hollywood Air Make Up

easy light comfy makeup
It is lightweight and comfortable to wear
carrying gown heartshape necklace
The skin looks even and smooth

without blemishes, simple lashes and earring
simple low updo with rotating bun
side swept curly voluminous blue flowers

The captivating red carpet look should be matched with a comparable hairstyle. The trend now is the sophisticated yet natural style with a little tousled finish. To achieve that Connie makes sure there is enough volume by creating the big curls, braids or twists. You don’t have to just envy the beautiful personalities you see on magazines because now you can look as glamorous.
simple curls back hair

big curls sophisticated loops
Adds a bit of sophistication to your red carpet look

lines of braids updo
combed up side pony sharp makeup

Connie Ng Make Up
in action actual day prep
FB Page:
Tel: 012-252 3632
Rates: 2 sessions from RM1000
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