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Culinary Capers | Delivery, Catering, Classes, Healthy Food

Culinary Capers’ aim is to teach you how to maintain a healthy weight, look and feel better, reduce stress & suffering; have more energy, nourish your spirit and basically to help you to become a more holistic and happier human being by means of FOOD. They keep food as natural as possible by deliberately avoiding complicated food preparation – the only way to maintain freshness of a dish. All kinds of vegetables, grains, nuts, and pulses are readily available, means more innovative cooking methods.

They provide cooking classes, workshop, wellness programs, culinary tours, delivery, catering services. Cheerful Geeta Jayabalan, owner of Culinary Capers has a great passion for healthy living. Her creations, primarily of Middle Eastern, Mediterranean and Northern Indian food are very delicious and at the same time wholesome.

purple and green dip with chips
Beetroot and yoghurt dip

yummy and health conscious
Left: Mesclun Greens with Gingerflower, Mint & Peanuts served with Thai dressing
Right: Muhammara (Roasted Red pepper Spread with Crispy Lavash Bread)
cabbage lettuce corn roll
Assorted vegetarian wraps

quinoa salad grains
Left: Spicy yoghurt fish & long grained basmathi rice layered & steamed to perfection in the “dum” style in an authentic Indian Thandhi
Right: Quinoa, Sprouted Grains & Mixed Veg Salad

banana leaft gives it the fragrance
theyumlist. Steamed Fish in Coriander Paste wrapped in a banana leaf and Basmathi Spinach & Spring Onion Rice.
tofu pesto mix
Cold Soba Salad with Edamame Pesto
Nov 2012
Catering, cooking classes, bazaars, personal chef, wellness programs, culinary tours and small events are all organized by the bright and cheerful Geeta Jayabalan, owner and originator of Culinary Capers. Having a passion for healthy living, this theme of wholesomeness is infused through all of her tasty creations. Although her menu is ever expanding, and draws on a variety of sources, a combination of Middle Eastern, Mediterranean and Northern Indian food are her primary inspirations. We savoured a number of Culinary Capers’ signature dishes. It’s no secret that I could make a meal out of dips, breads and red wine so the five nourishing blends sampled could easily have me contented for an entire meal. One of the benefits of healthy eating is that high fibre dishes fill you for a longer period so you’re not likely to overindulge.
Reason to order:  Delicious healthy food at reasonable prices. Excellent choice for catering small events. Convenient delivery to your home or personal chef in your kitchen.  Muhammara (roasted red pepper dip) with feta topped Khoubiz, Wheat Berry Salad, Quinoa Salad, Cold Quinoa Salad.
Culinary Capers

culinary capers chef
FB Page:

Tel: 03-2093 5789 / 2092 5985 (Nora), 012-218 6656 (Geeta)

During Office Hours : (9am – 6pm ) to place your orders.

Please also have the following information at hand when you place your orders :
– the description of the items selected
– the quantity you require ( if you are not sure inform them the no of pax & they will advise accordingly )
– Date you want to take delivery. Orders must be a minimum of RM100.

Collection will be at: No 5 Jalan Tunku Putra, Off Jalan Duta 50480 KL (near the old Indian High Commission). If you really cannot pick up they will do delivery but there will be an extra charge depending on the area. All food is 100% halal.

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