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DIY Wedding Invitations

I hope this post would impart some inspirational ideas to those keen on doing their own wedding invites. It is wise to always define your wedding theme first and then plan the tasks accordingly. The reason is that, for instance you can arrange the pre-wedding photos to contain element from the theme, which can be printed and integrated as part of the invitation card.
Write fun and meaningful invitation lines. They don’t have to be the formal phrases from the usual templates. Depending on the design of your choise, you just have to grab the required glossy paper, ribbon, transparent card, craft punchers/ scissors, etc. from a stationery shop nearby. If you don’t need many cards, your laser printer at home could do the job just fine. Otherwise scroll down to the bottom of this page to find a few printing vendors.

This is a unique idea of placing a “spinned” paper butterfly in the card. When your guest opens it, they will be surprised by a flying butterfly!
diy wedding card, stars, flowers 3d butterflies
card border puncher, heart shape
Craft punchers, pattern and card border puncher from facebook.com/shepherddream
cut the patterns of your choice
Craft scissors to cut the patterns that you like
thumb print of bride and groom, message in bottle
1. Collages of different expressions. Be creative.
2. Thumb prints of bride and groom which form a heart shape. Very easy to do.
3. Message in a bottle wedding invite (for beach wedding theme)
How to make a simple and sweet wedding invitation card 

If you are looking for a printer, you may refer to 

  1. Chan Brothers Printing | Old Klang Road | http://www.chanbrothersprinting.com.my 
  2. LH Creative Concept | Pudu | http://www.lh-creative.com.my
  3. Red Card | Puchong, Shah Alam, Sri Petaling, Kelana Jaya | http://www.redcard.com.my
  4. Sri Nagamas Printing | Pudu | http://www.nagamasprinting.com

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    January 15, 2013 at 7:45 am

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    February 1, 2013 at 5:58 am

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