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Elements of Great Wedding Videos | GMPS Wedding Film and Photography


A great wedding video is well-edited, contains important moments and is special. GMPS Wedding Film and Photography’s Gaius incorporates creative cinematic effects, aerial view footage, dramatic & rhythmic transitions and special lighting to the story-telling video.


The best camera angle for each scene is picked incorporating creative effects – the goal is to construct a beautiful story out of the precious moments. GMPS makes the video interesting by putting different frames in a well-sequenced and sometimes dramatic manner. I particularly like the fast paced transition accompanied by timely music. You can see in the video, the couple talk about their feelings naturally with music in the background while the visual shows various scenes.


Contains Important Moments and Details

A wedding videoshould record important moments. Touching vows, heartfelt speeches and the parents/ friends are seentearing and laughing in the background; the bridal team who works so hard in makingthe wedding more joyful and family members from near and far are groupedtogether and captured in the video. You want to see the emotions oneveryone’s face when the ceremony takes place. Love how the gorgeouswedding venue and intricate details are taken for instance the zoomingin/ out and truck shots – slow camera movement along the arrangements ofthe decor.


Wedding video – Avillion Port Dickson


Well edited and choreographed stylish Love Story in Paris from



Every wedding location is unique. To make the video special, the cinematographer had an aerial view footage with an architectural shot of the church at an angle, then pan down to reveal the church. The special effects of sun glare and lighting add to the beauty of the scene. This video shows instances of the couple spending casual sentimental moments together, *hugs and kisses* in between the ceremony scenes. The unique part of the wedding videos created by GMPS is there is a fusion of story telling, artistic content which is accompanied by apt music. Gaius is an experienced videographer cum photographer who is musically inclined.


GMPS Photography:

It is snowing
Fashionable shots

Beautiful Love story
Love the colors of the trees


Mar 2016

Thank u Gaius for the amazing video! We truly appreciate the effort, setting up really early and making sure everything is in place..we all had fun shooting and enjoyed the whole process.. Thanks again!

Has been replaying the video at least once a day, lol! Highly recommended videographer

Jan 2016

Gaius came early in the morning at 6am, and shoot video till 3-4pm, usually is till 1-2pm. He is good in capturing moments and angle perfectly.

Even in so short time frame, he managed to edit the video for our wedding dinner. Stayed throughout the wedding dinner till the video is played to make sure everything is OK. Very dedicated.

I was totally amazed by the video, not the usual type, more like a cinematography. Guests and friends liked the video a lot too. He even created a second version after that, even though the first one is perfect for me.

Jan 2016

We are impressed by Gaius’s professional skill. He has captured every single precious moment in our big day. Not only two of us, both our family and friends love his product too.

We highly recommend GMPS to everyone. Last but not least, we would like to thank Gaius once again for his effort.

GMPS Wedding Film and Photography

Facebook Page:
Tel: 012-208 8817
Rates: starts from RM3000 (1 cinematographer full day with same day edit highlight)

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