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New Website Interface

We have a new look! 


The features are essentially maintained, with an additional LISTING section. What the website does remains the same; collect and analyze information like reviews, style and quality of wedding vendors’ work, present the research data in a genuine and constructive way on We believe that good relevant content and keywords are a very effective SEO techniques.


Listing with a search tool is a brand new section that we offer, with 3 photos in a slider, Website link and phone number. Gold Package: With Header Banner has the highest priority listing. Silver Package: With Side Banner has the second, followed by Bronze and finally Basic.


The existing lists of vendors with the existing placing stay the same and are now under Blog. They are the most visited pages of WedResearch and the main sources to bring traffic to the website with high Search Engine rankings.

As the world is battling the Covid19 pandemic, we know that the wedding industry has been hit quite badly during the MCO period. We will assist as much as possible for the vendors to go through this trying time together. Those who renew their ads during this period will be given a 3 month waiver.


If you have any questions or comments, feel free to reply to this email.