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Empire Hotel Subang


Wedding Packages 2024: Click here | Capacity: 340 pax | Empire Hotel is majestically located in the business district of Subang Jaya. This exclusive boutique hotel is set to impress you with its modern royal facilities. With the Empire Shopping Gallery situated just below the hotel, this Subang Jaya landmark is a strategic place to hold a wedding banquet. You will not miss this urban sculpture. It is easy to locate this venue besides having the convenience of access from the available parking bays.

The hotel ballroom’s impressive wavy LED lights make you feel like you’re entering a futuristic portal. The lights change colours every other minute, or you can set the colour to match your wedding theme. It is something not a lot of people have seen before, simply stylish. You would be able to save on hall decoration. Food wise not that great.

Photo by Dennis Yap | Aug 2013
toasting cake cutting wedding
empire hotel subang | Feb 2014
wedding reception
bridemaids in red dresses
lighting of different colors
Modern design
nice venue special
Unique stage

Oct 2017
I had wedding ceremony last few weeks here On 6th & 7th october 2017. Everything was so great.. the foods, the banquet and all the team are awesome. And, For Shenaz (Sales) You did a great job. Thank you for handling my ceremony from A to Z. Thank you for all your suggestion and recommendations. Thank you to Mr Ng Weng Kee (Manager) also for cooperations. Thank you Empire Subang Hotel. Full stars
Oct 2017
We attended a friend’s wedding lunch here.
1. The customer service is not up to the standard. The lack of smiles from the waiters and waiteresses.
2. Food presentation is not attractive in the sense, music do not match to the feel that being brought up.
3. Waiters are rushing from one dish to another, without proper ask if we have finished.
4. Do not attentive for refill the tea or drop of utensil.
5. Good that they are changing the eating plate for everyone in each dish. But we encounter that, when we half way eating, they can suddenly take the plate away, and change a new one.
6. They being serving a codial drink, but it do not distribute to anyone if you are not asking, but still, the waiters are carrying with them, walking around. They are not proactive.
Feb 2014
Our wedding was held at Empire Hotel, Subang. The reason why we chose to have our wedding there was because the interior of the ballroom is super pretty! LED lights that you can choose your favorite color! Besides that, our wedding is considerably a small wedding, there were only 25 tables and it fits perfectly into the ballroom! Their food was ok, not like awesome but it’s considered ok compared to a lot of other hotels.
Jun 2013
As far as ballroom theatrics go, Empire Hotel’s impressive wavy LED lights make you feel like you’re entering a futuristic portal. The lights change colours every other minute, or you can set the colour to match your wedding theme. Being a design boutique hotel, Empire’s Emperor Ballroom is less formal – we envision guests rocking up in their skinnies rather than Armanis. Perks: No extra charge for flower arrangements on the tables. Each wedding package comes with a one-night stay in the bridal suite.
Dec 2012
I attended a wedding dinner at Empire Hotel about 2 weeks back. The hall looks contemporary but it can only fit 30 tables. The food is not that great.

Feb 2012

we sign the contract on the day we make the deposit. For me, yes I would still consider them even change date because i simply like the venue and its a venue not alot of people have been before. I save money on decorating the halls as well and the package price is what i’m looking for. If you want to look for another venue then you have to be fast otherwise they will all be taken up as the date gets nearer

You can choose the colors of the LED lights to create your desired ambiance
red carpet
Hotel Lobby

Empire Hotel Subang


FB Page:
Add: Empire Hotel Subang, Empire Subang, Jalan SS16/1, 47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan
Tel: +603 5565 1388 (Hunting Line)
Fax: +603 5565 1288

Wedding Packages 2024: 

Chinese menu: RM1688 – 2288 per table

Capacity: 340 pax (banquet)

emperor ballroom
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