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Fables Bridal Couture | Johor

Fables Bridal has been rebranded to Letizia and now is part of Venus Bridal Selection.

FABLES BRIDAL COUTURE was started by a group of award-winning photographers in 2007. Their photography skills and impeccable services have impressed many customers, hence the bridal shop became famous and grew in a short period of time. Their ART & PHOTOGRAPHY concept is uniquely beautiful. They have produced some very artistic images. 
SA Joe is a good consultant and she will explain to you all the price you need to pay. June is nice, she is able to give you a good package. However customer was disappointed with her planning. Alice is a great consultant. She is not pushy, provides good advice on gown selection, explains everything and lets you make the decision. Overall, all the SAs are friendly.
MUA Eva is a very lovely girl and efficient in hairstyling. Customer was quite amazed by the different looks she created within a short time for the indoor and outdoor shoot.
Photographer (PG), the boss Mark is a stylish guy who really makes you laugh and smile. PG Wei Hong, a young chap, is not bad too. Overall customers love the photos taken by the skilled PGs very much, and had a hard time choosing! The BS does a good job in the album and layout as well.
It has limited choices of wedding gown selection and they look old, though it was not visible on photos. 
Jun 2012
I’ve sign up with fables. Package is rm4299. You can look for Joe, she is a very nice girl, and she will explain to you all the price you need to pay.

Jul 2012
June is a nice girl, she gave me a good package but was disappointed with her planning. There was some confusion during gown selection where she told us to choose from one section but another person said another thing.  On photo-shoot day there were 4 couples doing pre-wedding shooting. A lot of time was wasted on waiting for the other couples to complete their session. Communication was bad.

Sep 2012
Package RM4000 which includes :-
-1 Crystal cover of 15×24 or 12 x 30 Ablum(24 pages, 35 poses)
-1 8R album(21 pages)
-20 x 40 in frame (1x)
-12 x 30 in frame (1x)
– 11 x 14 in frame (2x)
– poster (1x)
-4R x 200pcs (20 poses)- which i am consideering to change to either a poster or 8R frame
-CD Rom (35 poses)
-7 sets of gown for bride and groom (excluding a set of casual,self supply)
June is my wedding planner, is quite blur. However, she is softer in a sense that you can manages to bargain for a better deal compare to other planner at Fables. They are not that really customer orentated as no drinks will be offered during my serveral visits. overall, working staffs are friendly. Make up artist Eva is good.
I was attracted to Fables as I hv seen some of d samples wedding photo taken by their photographers. Another main reasons was they introduced themself as the bridal shop is created by a group of award winning n skilled photographer.
Anyway, the photography i hv was only with Fables for barely 1 year and he is very young. Maybe around 25-26. I was quite disappoined with this as I expected my photographer to be 1 of some award winning photographer.
Surprisly, the young photographer was pretty skilled and I think everyone should be given a chance to prove themself.
Another minus points is that they have lesser choice in their wedding gown selections as i believe they reserve those very good ones for their exibition purposes.

Oct 2012
For me, it has been great so far! My consultant was Alice…a short stout lady who looks unfriendly if not smiling. She has been not bad with her service and the best thing about fables is no hard selling or even the slightest pushing. They always tell u what u wanna know and leave u alone to decide yourself. My package cost rm 5500 as I top up photos to 45 poses in advance when signing the package.
And inclusive of quite a lot of things…wedding shoot 7gowns and actual day 5gowns (need to request for it tho)
1st appt was selection of wedding shoot gown. Although limited and old rugged, but it won’t be visible in the photos, and me a fussy person actually took less than 2hrs? To finish selecting the 7gowns…partly bcos Alice is able to pick and choose and give advises. Then after we were done and hanging are the shop, I browse a sample album and saw a gown I like but didn’t get to try, Alice note down that gown and oredi took measurement, said will alter and let me try on the wedding shoot day itself since the gown wasn’t in that day. Indeed I get to try that gown that day and take away the other gown initially chosen.
We also had 2 days of shoot and usually there will be 3 couples taking for the day as they have 3photographers. From both days, I can see that they are very organised as a dedicated photographer and dedicated asst boy will do the logistic including matching groom’s wear with the gowns. They are very aware of which gown the bride has chosen and select the suitable indoor setting etc. Mua Eva is also a very lovely girl and quick minded in hairstyling. Quite amazed by the diff looks she create for me within a short time  my indoor plus jb area ( we chose building the art gallery) was taken by the boss Mark…the stylish guy and who really make u laugh and smile  and our outdoor was taken by wei hong a young chap who is not bad too! We went desaru and unfortunately halfway downpour…he speed us to another part of desaru which is not raining (he called his contacts to find out) to continue our lallang shoot  overall we love the photos very much, hard time choosing!
Den our album and layout selection was quite a breeze too, they have done a very satisfactory job.
Oct 2011
walked-in and signed the bridal package with them with no regrets! Best is they are not aggressive, and willing to answer tons of questions you have, very patient with you throughout from the day we signed the package till now that we have selected our photos 🙂
real oranges indoor shoot
the protagonists shopping and hugging
sitting on a bicycle drawing
the main focus among the sea of people
special agent shooting theme
great scenery

Fables Bridal Couture
FB Page:
Add: No.95&95A, Jalan Keris 1, Taman Sri Tebrau, 80050 Johor Bahru, Johor
Tel: 07-331 9595, 3319559
Fax: 07-333 3595


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