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Finding the Perfect Hairstyle with November Che

Braided Hairstyle – Thick and Neat
November Che is famous for her sensational braids. Plaits when styled neatly can form beautiful patterns such as the Rosette (Rose-like updo), intertwined full braids, or produce a refined look with some vintage flavor. The neat and tidy style appear more formal and is suitable for important events such as weddings. This look would flatter someone with an oval or round face shape.

getting hair style ideas
Voluminous braids
november che
Braids around the head
form a rose pattern
Braid on top that forms a beautiful rosette
eye catching hair piece
Thick braids with eye catching accessories

Thin Braids and Soft Curls.

soft curls for engagement
Thinner braids with soft curls for your ROM or engagement party
upstyle luxurious
Luxurious intertwined braids upstyle

Tousled Up Curls

Now you can rock your gorgeous curls with some effort and styling by November Che. The voluminous soft curls will frame your face perfectly. For a more romantic feel, this style is kept a little undone and tousled up. It gives your hair some movement to make it look more natural. You can have it tied all or half up with some bouncy effect. A bride with slender or long face would look good in it.

rock your curls fram your face
hair pinned up messy
Hair piled up with loose ends

Puffed Up

To complete this style, the hair has to be pinned at the right places skillfully. Get your hair styled by November Che with some layers and volume to make it more impressive. Make the most of your long hair by keeping it down with some textures featuring an embellished bridal headpiece.

create volume
It requires great skills for the hair to hold up nicely

November Che – The Magic of Make-up
FB Page:
Tel: 019-313 7317

1 make up & 1 styling for morning ceremony and 1 make up & 1 styling for dinner session: RM1500

*Including make up & hair, skin care, eyelash, wig, accessories, body foundation, color spray

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