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Girl Power FIFOTO Fiona Lim

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When I told my FH (Wedding Acronym) about my quest for an artistic PG, he couldn’t fathom why I had to go through the hassle. Who could understand the needs of a bride better than a woman? What more an experienced lady wedding photographer. Fiona Lim captures wedding moments in a way I would think no men could. Men have been dominating and making it big in the photography playing field, some fiddling with effects, creating super impressive images. However capturing the moment is about understanding the background then portraying that in pictures. Reading FIFOTO’s blog makes me appreciate the little anecdotes and short story behind their clients’ love experience. The photos taken depict just that.

groom hands in pocket

groom deep thoughts
John and Sumana Pre-wedding
Hair and Makeup by Shahnaz Baharuden
Photography by Fiona and Jason
hair band net bride happily staring into the sky
lights like stars nose to nose
Aileen and James Pre-Wedding
Location: Taman Botani and Pullman hotel @ Putrajaya
PG: Fiona Lim and Ng Hsien Ming
MUA/hairstylist: Remy Ngan
layered fluffy flowery wedding dress
To be given away in marriage
Linus and Catherine – Church wedding (Catherine in a strapless #ballgown)
Photographed by Fiona and David
wedding reception western chinese
hotel slippers
Tim and Michelle
Photography by Steve & Nicholas
groomsmen ready to crash the bride’s gate dressed in asian sized hotel uniforms

The photos are in their native forms or with minor touch-up I presume. Forget about artsy fartsy post-processing, beautiful wedding photography like this would make you remember what a blast your big day has been.

Fiona Lim quit her IT job in 2005 to pursue a career in photography and started FIFOTO Photography. She is the inspiration behind her team of 8 other crew members:
1. Corrine – Digital Imaging
2. Shila – Digital Imaging
3. Emilia – hair and makeup
4. Steve – PG
5. Chen Yang – PG
6. Jason – PG
7. David – PG
8. Fiona – PG
9. Ai Ping – PG

She reminds me of Xandria Ooi, Capital FM’s DJ and TV host, especially the hair. Both women are the country’s great capitals. You go girls!

cleapetra hair reclining
Xandria reclining and Fiona on the right

Real-life bride’s comments:

“We had Fiona and Jason  for our pre-wedding session which was shot at 3
different locations. I absolutely am in love with all the shots taken. And I also love the
fact  that they are not heavily edited (I know this for a fact because I
saw the raw photos when we had to make the selection). I also love how
natural the make up turned out in photos – Emilia is exceptionally
talented and is an all round nice person. I’m also happy that I chose to go with a female photographer because I’m
generally super uncomfortable with how I look with make up on and Fiona
always managed to turn things around and made me forget that I had make
up on. And she always has a  pack of tissue with her (I obviously can’t
carry one!) and she understands how difficult it is to move around in
your wedding dress while trying to stay poise, smile, hold a bouquet and
look elegant all at the same time.”

She was awarded the “Female Photographer of the Year” by WPPM in 2010 and Top 10 Female Wedding Photographers by FACES magazine:

  1. Fiona Lim 
  2. Jenny Sun (
  3. Anna-Rina (
  4. Evelyn Lam (
  5. Naomi Ching (
  6. Ning Liaw (
  7. Visithra Manikam (
  8. Nurul Suhaimi (
  9. Fatini Zulnaidi (
  10. Grace Tan (

Fiona Lim – FIFOTO Photography
FB page:
Add: Suite 22-06 Jalan Ampang, Plaza 138 (Hotel Maya), KL
Tel: +60 3 4266 6111

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