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Glasshouse at Seputeh

An urban rustic event space situated amidst the hilltop surroundings of Seputeh, Kuala Lumpur, Glasshouse @ Seputeh’s full length glass panelling that stretches to the ceiling is an amazing venue for your special occasion. Wedding guests can enjoy the beautiful sky and greenery outside in the comfort of a fully air-conditioned lawn via the see-through windows. It is very unique space as there is a small forest indoor.

This beautiful venue has limited parking space but arrangements can be made to manage parking properly. There are valet and shuttle services provided. 

You go up the stairs to reach the entrance which brings you to the event space that consists of: The Lawn, Parlour and Grand Court. Garden wedding at the Lawn with its garden and the double volume height is just so beautiful. There is an elevated stage and the starry walkway is pretty cool. Here couples can plan their dream wedding with a lot of flexibility, after the ceremony the seatings can be re-arranged for banquet. The flexible floor plans can be configured from 2000 sf to 8000 sf, suited for events of all sizes.

Wedding Styling by Pathway Events | Photography by Studio Numb9r | Ceremony at The Lawn:

glasshouse seputeh wedding pathway garden light dangling

glasshouse seputeh wedding pathway garden fairy table setting

Photos by Attarakha Photography

Photo: Alfaudzan Photography – Al-faudzan Abdul Halim


Decor: Lagenda by Razak | Photo: Ethanity Photography

Other photos:

modern wedding Malaysia

lovely wedding venue Seputeh
spacious banquet hall rental in Malaysia
Basic rustic venue
garden wedding Malaysia
A forest indoor



Jan 2022

Gorgeous place hands down! But the service could have been better. I hosted my wedding there last weekend and I had wished for the service to be great considering the expensive rate. Apparently many people faced the same issues with their management. Anyway, if you do not have extra cash in ur account, pls skip this wedding venue. They are very calculative, you literally have to pay for every single thing LOL But it is a pretty place!

Aug 2016

“We decided to have our wedding at Glasshouse at Seputeh as the location was the perfect one for us. An indoor garden wedding! Josh tend to sweat a lot so having an outdoor wedding in this hot and humid climate will make him and everyone else uncomfortable.”

Aug 2015

Btw I found the most perfect wedding venue. It’s this new place called Glasshouse in Seputeh and I was so excited when I saw how beautiful it is! It’s also going to be just nice for my small 120-person wedding.Unfortunately, they got back to me and I saw the price…….it’s RM8000 for half a day. And if you include tables and chairs, it’ll be around RM12k. This is excluding food and deco etc. siao!

Dec 2016
It’s a nice cosy place, air conditioned but not freezing, quite a lovely sight from the stairs to the entrance and finally the event space. My friends who did their wedding there had got the parking arrangement sorted out and given us ample notice ahead of time. Guest were informed on how to park via their valet service, and they even reserved nearby carparks with shuttle services to the Glasshouse. I guess I keep the right company to enjoy such well planned events rather than have friends who just fret over things they take for granted. There is one thing though, the toilets, in my opinion, could be much cleaner and pleasant smelling to go with the other gorgeous part of the venue.

Oct 2016
Nice and cosy place to hold a wedding. Fully air conditioned with no mosquitoes at all. One thing I find lacking is parking space. Is either you have to park very far and walk (not such a good idea consider I was wearing heels) or come early before the crowd sets in. Overall it was a good experience. Double thumbs up!Nice nice except v v WARM. My relatives have to come to the Centre near VIP table to take a breath. Need to improve on this.Parking sucks, very difficult to find parking there, the security guard not really helpful either


Glasshouse at Seputeh


FB Page: fb/Glasshouse
Add: 17, Lorong Syed Putra Kiri, Taman Seputeh, 50460 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Tel: +6010 948 2878 / +6012 515 1866

Delectable by Su (2nd Floor)

FB Page:
Tel +6012 508 1855

Capacity: 400 pax (The Grand Court & Gallery + The Parlour + The Lawn)


Friday – Sunday, Public Holidays, Eve of Public Holiday:
(The Grand Court + The Parlour + The Lawn & Stage + The Gallery)
Full day (15 hours): RM 22,000
Comfortably fits 400 seated guests. 

Monday – Thursdays:
(The Grand Court + The Parlour + The Lawn & Stage + The Gallery)
Half day (6 hours): RM 10,000
Full day (15 hours): RM 14,000

Half day (6 hours): RM 8,000
Full day (15 hours): RM 10,000
Capacity: 100 pax

• THE GRAND COURT (Attached to The Gallery)
Half day (6 hours): RM 9,000
Full day (15 hours): RM 12,000
Capacity: 250 pax

– The prices stated are not inclusive of tables, chairs, or decorations, AV system, etc.



Ref:, The Malay Mail Online

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