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Gowns Trees

Dissatisfaction and complaints targeted to the popular bridal shops in town is nothing new. Clients were unhappy with either the service, photographer or makeup artist’s skill-set, small or old selection of gowns. This is where Gowns Trees boutique – wedding specialist comes into existence to save the day. The existing local market is filled with qualified and highly talented
professionals such as photographer, videographer, make up artist, decorator, etc. Gowns Trees partners with these high quality wedding vendors to provide the complete professional service in various areas.

Their aim is to make DIY (do-it-yourself) wedding affordable and hassle-free to everyone. It opens their clients to more choices from the creme of the crop in the industry. Generally a bridal shop has a team of photographers, cinematographers, make-up artists… attached to it. The freedom to hand-pick the individual from other companies you want to work with is absent. On the contrary in Gowns Trees, the wedding service providers are chosen from a big list with careful scrutiny to meet every specific requirement.

Do you have problems finding a suitable wedding gown? What are the most common issues you encounter… cutting, material, too much/ too little embellishments, neckline, sizes? Describe your dream wedding gown.

floral top, drop shoulder frail

Trees seeks to become a multifaceted Gowns Specialist, one that is
distinctive. They provide professional services related to gowns, for
example, you can:

  • Rent from their collection of wedding/ evening gowns, traditional wear of different sizes
  • Buy from the off-the-rack selection
  • Tailor-make the gown of your dreams to perfection, with explicit design
  • Customize, alter the gowns to fit you like a glove, etc. 
sewing wedding dress
Gowns Trees tailor makes-to-measure, alters, customizes your perfect fitted gown
short cheongsam for sales
boutique wedding
tulle, slim, rainbow, lace
Unlike bridal shops, their gown
service is more personal. Experienced in-house designer and image
consultant are there to assist with your customizable options. Every
gown is skillfully crafted or selected to cater for a range of
specifications; the modern embellished gown for a posh wedding
reception, covered or high neckline dresses for a religious ceremony,
long train with elaborate designs such as 3D flowers for walking down
the aisle, small, large sizes for the petite and big.
transparent back with string
Designs for an elegant celebration or modest wedding ceremony
empire cut ribbon circle pattern
3D flowers embellished long train and front
for the petite size
Nice gowns for the petite size
makeup doris sp, lawn
Gown by Gowns Trees
Photography by Michael Ngu
The customized service involves
thorough communication with the bride/ groom-to-be to gather their
likes, dislikes and personal ideas. Gowns Trees takes pleasure in
working with creative customers with a concept of their own.
Subsequently with the participation of their partners the idea grows
into a plan that fits the requests which is professionally executed. I have heard
enough of bad encounters occurring in bridal shops with their rigid
“rules” and hidden agendas. Instead embark on a personalized experience that accommodates your needs with expert guidance by Gowns Trees.
spectacular image
Fancy evening gowns for a spectacular night
yellow green orange photoshoot
Gown by Gowns Trees
Photography by Michael Ngu
collection in the bridal shop
Apr 2014
The shop was new when one of my bridesmaid and I first visited, so it had limited choices of bridal wear. Their designs are very unique and made us go “WOW”!, but the rental prices made is go “WOW” as well. Custom made is available, and you may want to bring your mom/mom-in-law here to rent their cheongsams – they’re gorgeous, although expensive. They even have bridal car decoration services and since they newly opened, they encouraged their customers to take photo of themselves in their gowns and tag them on Facebook. When doing so, customers get to enjoy a certain discount rate. *photo taking is allowed in bridal shop*

Gowns Trees

specialist in wedding

FB Page:
Add: 67-G, Jalan PJU 5/20, 47180 Selangor, Malaysia
Tel: 03-6143 3433

Fashion Designer: Jyenah Che
Image Consultant: November Che
Brand Manager: Chua Sze Han

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