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Grand Imperial Chinese Restaurant (喜粤) – Bangsar Shopping Centre

Package 2020: from RM1298nett per table | It was a busy weekend with my cousin brother’s wedding; the Chinese cultural ceremony as well as the dinner at Grand Imperial BSC. Many congratulations to Wayne and Jacqueline!

seremban rasah actual day ceremony

Thanks to Waze GPS navigation we managed to escape the jam en route to the mall at Bangsar. Parking in Bangsar Shopping Centre is ok but the entrance to the mall is rather inconvenient as there’s always lots of people waiting for the lift during peak hours (on a Saturday!), escalators are scarce. We ended up taking the stairs instead.

Went up to the 3rd floor and there was the Grand Imperial restaurant tucked in one corner. The guests reception area is in front at the entrance of the restaurant at one side while the wedding dinner is at the back of the restaurant and you will walk pass the walk-in patron tables to get there. The banquet hall is very very cozy with great ambiance, glittering chandeliers, comfortable lighting, new and comprehensive table setting.

nice table cloth hot towels!
Nice table cloth, hot towels, full set of tableware
walk-in grand imperial bsc super good ambiance
Here comes the bride+groom. Menu. Complimentary wedding favor (ROKA chocolate).

Well the hall is great, lighting all good, well decorated stage but too bad the few pillars in it would block the view of some guests. Our table was directly beside the stage and I could not see anything projected on the screen. I think it needs a bit of re-organizing and arranging the front tables further away from the stage.

modern carpeted hall
nice decor, simple no chair covers
Carpeted, simple modern design. There are no chair covers
nice chandeliers!
Small but well decorated stage
cramp up cannot see the stage
The snugly hall with a great ambiance, unfortunately pillars as well

Many commented that the food here is awesome. To me the wedding food at the Grand Imperial BSC was good in general. I loved the four season combination platter – the varieties are somewhat refreshing. The roasted village chicken is interestingly not tough and quite tender. Love the rich taste of the well seasoned meat. The fish steamed with ginger and preserved vege was a good match and very yummy. The tiger prawn and noodle dishes were good.

Did not like the loh hon cai (vegetarian dish) which was not braised well, the ingredients have not fused into the broth.

It was a fun night being entertained by wedding emcee Desmond Ting who stole the show with his jokes and the entire hall was filled with lots of laughter. He was very spontaneous.

Wedding Nov 2013:
fish is nice
Steamed ‘ruby’ fish with ginger and preserved vegetables
Braised loh hon cai in winter melon
glutious rice pastries sweet potato
Deep fried tiger prawn with salt and pepper
Sweetened black glutinous rice with sweet potato
Two varieties of Chinese pastries

Oct 2016
Was here attending a friend’s wedding. The place was rather small and crammed, not their problem though.
Service was attentive though it was a busy wedding dinner with so many things going on. The staffs were well trained that the server serving our table remembered our preference and likes in just 2 short hours service.
The food was one of the best I have had for a wedding dinner. Presentation was top notched and delicious, especially the iberico spare ribs. The portion was good too. We left feeling full and satisfied, very uncommon for a chinese wedding dinner.
Sep 2012
Wedding dinner food here is awesome! Wear loose clothes if ur attending one.
Jan 2012
My best mate had his wedding dinner at Grand Imperial a couple months back. It was a rainy Friday night and the traffic and the rain resulted in SO many people being late. Even worse was that some of the latecomers couldn’t find any parking in BSC and decided to leave. And there are a lot of thick pillars so quite a few guests couldn’t see anything happening on stage. Food wasn’t that good either, but then again that does tend to happen to all restaurants where the logistics of having to cook for hundreds of people at once does affect the taste/quality somewhat.

Grand Imperial Chinese Restaurant @ BSC

grand chinese banquet

Website: bangsar shopping centre grand imperial
FB Page:
Add: Lot T5, 3rd Floor, Bangsar Shopping Centre, No. 285, Jalan Maarof, Bukit Bandaraya, 59000 KL
Tel: 03-2283 1118
Fax: 03-2283 3306

Wedding Packages 2020: from RM1298 nett per table

grand imperial wedding package 2020
Seating Capacity: 400 pax

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