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Green Dragon Palace Seremban (Previously Silver Dragon)

The Green Dragon Palace Restaurant in Seremban is beautifully decorated with a huge foyer for guests reception/ pre-dinner event, a ballroom that has a capacity of 130 tables/ 1300 guests, there are 10 smaller VIP rooms, and another multi-purpose banquet hall that can accommodate 30 tables (300 pax). Located in Seremban 2, this spacious restaurant has about two acres of land area, half of it is occupied by the restaurant and the rest, a large parking lot, which can accommodate 200 cars.

Service and quality of food is generally good. It went through a transition and change of management from the former Silver Dragon to Green Dragon now. The place is clean and looks new, the toilets are in good condition as well.

I have personally been to the restaurant a few times mostly for family dinners. The design is quite dramatic with bold colors. It is more grand, with carpeted banquet hall, modern ceiling lights, texture walls, a good alternative to the other Chinese restaurants in town which are more simple.

hee lai ton seremban wedding

Banquet Hall

Banquet hall @ Green Dragon Palace | Dec 2016

Wedding Reception | Dec 2016

Pre-dinner/ photobooth area
Staircase at the lobby
VIP table

 Other photos:

wedding reception


Jan 2017

My wedding dinner was held there when it used to be Silver Dragon. It went through a little bit of a roller coaster when it changed owner. Green Dragon is such a downgrade name compared to Silver. Anyway, the previous head chef at Silver Dragon returned and we came back and it was good again. For now. The chef did Spanish Pork Ribs. It was amazing. Didn’t expect this from a Chinese restaurant.

Jul 2016

We have a indian n chinese interaction wedding dinner on that night and we have indian dance performance. My kids first time saw this kind of cultural dance The place is clean n new n toilet also good condition, the food ok not bad. For me i have 1 thing dun understand, while having the dance show i dun knw y they are using those dark light or small light, we cant see the show clearly and we cant take any photo on their performance clothes at all. Even the ppl at the right hand side to control all the music n lighting also not aware of it. At the last part having dancing performance at our dinner table floor, u knw wht that is no light on the dancer so dissapointed and cant video on host camera team.

When the host ask us hows performance and we just said we can’t see at all, they also dissappointed. Shd improve on it lets all the ppl can see the great show since u hav good environment.
Feb 2016
I’ve heard that it was Silver Dragon Restaurant before they changed its name to Green Dragon Restaurant. Dragon Restaurant located in Seremban 2 , about two acres land area , one acre is for the restaurant  and another acre is for parking lot , which can accommodate 200 cars.
This restaurant is beautifully decorated , different from other restaurant outside. With the capacity 130 tables for the main ballroom, 10 VIP rooms , and multi-purpose banquet hall that can accommodate 30 tables . The restaurant space is very large and spacious. 

Hee Lai Ton Seremban (previously Silver Dragon)hee lai ton seremban building


FB Page:

Add: D5, Jalan S2 D38, CITY CENTRE SEREMBAN 2, 70300 Seremban, Negeri Sembilan
Tel: 06-601 3677
Hours: 11AM–2:30PM, 5:30–10:30PM daily

Capacity: 1300 pax


hei loi tang
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