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What is H+ Destination Pre-wedding?


omely and Natural

The most wonderful wedding photograph is one with natural human expression. Instead of taking pictures, H+ Photography will create the right mood for the couple, allowing them to immerse in the moment with each other.  From there, their true homely and unpretentious personalities are captured. It’s the perfect memento of their time spent together.
talking laughing enjoying each others company
Sharing a light moment together in Shanghai


appy Memories

Going on an adventure with your beloved is always a great experience and the beautiful journey has to be captured, even better by a professional. Seeing an exceptionally breathtaking scenery for the first time, enjoying the different weather and food unlike what you get back home… all these are precious memories which are part of the couple’s life journey. H+ Photography takes advantage of this special experience in a unique destination, when they are holidaying, happy, relaxed to seize these memories and store them in pictures.

sunset melbourne bride photo
Happy memories in Melbourne, Australia
what is so captivating?
Feeling loved and happy
patches of rocks covered with moss in the sea
Adventure to this amazing part of Bali, Indonesia

Holistic Photography
I think a holistic photograph composes the objects that form the photo to transmit an idea or feeling with the correct lighting and timing and ensures that it is pleasing to the eyes as a whole. And this is what you want for your pre-wedding collection.  

good composition , special effect
An image with good composition always commands attention – Ring encapsulating Piazza San Marco in Venice, Italy
will visit this place if I go japan
Chapel on the Water in Hokkaido, Japan
a picture with meaning by H+ Hayashi
There is an idea behind the photograph which can be personal to the couple or it can be open for interpretation
windmill lovely port in taiwan
Being flirtatious in Taiwan
Hot bride and groom
The photographer cannot turn you into a super model. However a good photographer will guide you to be at ease and confident with yourself. You will be surprised how HOT you look with an elevated self-esteem. Besides that H+’s Hayashi is well equipped with the technique to shoot at an attractive angle or condition. 

stylish pose like models
A confident bride/ groom is super *hot* – Bangkok, Thailand
bridge couple staring at each other
Hayashi Lim – H+ Photography
Hayashi’s work attracts “stalkers” who wouldn’t miss any new photos he put up on his website. You can just view his portfolio and fall in love with the collection immediately. There’s a difference between someone who photographs with the heart and someone who doesn’t – hence the beautiful shots.

Mar 2013
i’m gonna write this post and share with y’all one of my fav photog. you can easily view Hayashi Lim’s photography H+ Photography website. Did some portraits with him last few weeks. Seriously, I always love his awesome skills. H+ Photography is ze best choice for those who planning to get marry and wanted to snap a series of lovable pre-wedding photos, because to me I prefer a freelancer work than typical bridal house piece. It’s too boring to stay in the studio and posing those silly pose that creates awkward feel in between LOL *no offence*. More, working with a freelancer like Hayashi is much fun and interesting!!
Mar 2013
wow he really knows how to capture at the right moment! but definitely not cheap to hire him isnt it?
Feb 2013
I’ve been following this photographer, Hayashi’s blog for quite some time already. and I was super excited when I get to know that he’s going to launch a new page & web page…*I am his fans…keke* So, Mr.Hoong & I has decided to take him & the team as our actual day  photographers! HOORAYYYYY
Mar 2013
Thank you so much for coming to Bangkok to shoot such beautiful and memorable pictures of us. It is so stunning! Can’t wait to see the others (^_^)

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Tel: 012-681 2699

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