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H&W Studio 3-D Wordings and Artwork

wedding backdrop

More couples are adopting the “Simple and Nice” concept for their wedding decorations. Sometimes complicated designs may come off as too messy. Wordings for the backdrop for example can be arranged in more unconventional ways using earthy color tones for a rustic or natural feel. Use 3-D letters or artwork to make the words/ graphics stand out. There are many different styles to use them creatively. You may borrow some ideas here:

best day ever

H&W Studio offers two things.

(1) Customization: There are a lot of ready-made decoration materials available in the market, however, they might not suit everyone’s needs. H&W is ready to help you out, make whatever fonts or artwork in polyfoam (or EPS Foam) according to your requests.
(2) Convenience: The fabrication of polyfoam can be done by most people at home, but inconveniently (it’s so much hassle and time consuming!). H&W offers you the convenience. They “SPEAK” your words, bringing out the message for you.
h&w studio background wordings
Just imagine you could design something on your computer for example the initials of you and your fiancee(e) in special font, characters in other languages, patterns, wedding logo, theme details, special message to your better half, the list goes on. Send the request to H&W Studio, and voilĂ ! you get the 3-D version in polyfoam. This is particularly helpful for (or partial) DIY decoration. You bring in your idea and sketch the layout then let the expert with proper equipments do the difficult part.

Here are some samples, but don’t let your creativity stop there.

wedding backdrop
3d words chinese
Wordings in any languages
big heart
You can use their templates or your own design

Make sure you measure the area at the wedding venue where the artwork is going to be hung. You don’t want the wordings to go out of proportion. Get the right measurement and you can start discussing about the details.

wedding day
flowers mark karen
red words fairy lights

H&W Studio – We Speak Your Words

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Tel: 012-648 1977 (Bobby – Contact or Whatsapp)

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