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A Home May’de Cake for Your Wedding

It’s so much fun looking at the artistic cake creation by May of Home May’de Cakes . Let me show you why…

making flower petals
Rose petals was ruffled and stuck on to the flower base, the center is brushed with edible pink dust. The groom figurine’s head, torso, legs are modeled.
the bride figurine is draped in fondant gown
The groom’s vest is created with embossed pattern, suit and tie fixed, then the bride is draped in fondant gown.
carrot cake base with cream cheese filling.
The front and back view of the groom and bride figurines with added hand bouquet and some shimmer on her face. Next up, the first cake is made. It was a carrot cake base with cream cheese filling.
decorated with lace border marked using a diamond embosser.
The second type of cake was the yam flavored cake. The cakes were covered in fondant, one of it was decorated with lace border and the other one marked using a diamond embosser.

The site contains interesting images of how the owner artistically formed each tiny part to make the complete beautiful yet delicious looking cakes. I have posted here photos of how a 3-tier cascading pink-centered roses wedding cake was baked and decorated. The bottom 2 tiers were real cakes; carrot and yam flavored, with a dummy top tier.

In the ancient Roman tradition, the groom would break a piece of bread over the bride’s head to symbolize the breaking of her purity and virginity state. Also in hope to bring good fortune and fertility to the couple. Back in time a white cake symbolizes the purity of the bride, so does a
white wedding dress and the significance of roasted pig in the Chinese culture. The wedding cake was originally intended to be distributed by the bride because eating the cake would ensure fertility.

Home May’de Cakes supplies home made cakes for your special day. The pricing guidelines are listed below. Couples can order custom made cakes to go with the wedding theme color or style. This cake vendor scores an impressive 5 of 5 stars from 17 voters on madeinheaven. I could only imagine the quality of the cake and service by May must be so extraordinary. If you are one of her customers, I welcome your comment!

Instead of cutting a dummy cake provided by the wedding banquet package, it can be more meaningful having a customized cake with the design of your choice. Home made cakes are equivalent of hand-made art work which each of them is unique and specially produced. Compared to cakes made by big cake chains, they are more expensive if you do an apple-to-apple comparison. However the price goes to the customized creativity, quality fresh ingredients, additional time and effort.

3 tier rose wedding cake
This is the final product. 3-tiered wedding cake.
poodle on a pillow cake
Poodle on a Pillow cake
wedding cupcakes
Cupcakes design
doll wedding cakes
Doll cakes
Cakes with other decorations
red velvet cake
Yummy red velvet cake.

Home May’de Cakes


Wedding Cake Price

Butter/ chocolate/ butter walnut flavors with buttercream filling (Inclusive of basic design : meaning just the minimum frosting/ fondant and borders)

Starting from
     *   2 tiered round buttercream frosting(6′ 8′ inch layer ) Rm 300
     *   3 tiered round buttercream frosting(6′ 8′ 10′ inch layer cake) Rm 400
     *   2 tiered round with fondant (basic design)(6′ 8′ inch layer )

Rm 400

     *   3 tiered round with fondant (basic design)
          (6′ 8′ 10′ inch layer cake)
Rm 600
Wedding cupcakes start from Rm 5 a piece (buttercream) and Rm 8 (fondant).

note that the prices above serve as a guideline only. The real prices
might differ according to what is required by clients.

  • Extra charge
    for more elaborate fondant design or more tiers (eg. flowers,
    specialized carving, bows, edible printed sugar paper, figurines etc.)
  • Extra charge for carrot cakes, fruit cakes, red velvet cakes and cakes with cream cheese/ blueberry/ raspberry fillings.
  • Home May’de Cakes can also produce a combination of dummy cakes with the desired design.

  • Home May’de Cakes reserve the right to change the prices if deemed necessary.
  • Home May’de Cakes accepts cake orders preferably 3 days before event and at least one month before for large orders or wedding cakes.
  • A 50% deposit is needed for wedding cake orders, cakes more than one tier or multiple cake orders.
  • Self pick up. Delivery around Klang Valley available upon request with additional charge. 
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