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Hotel Jen by Shangri-La Penang

Wedding Package | Capacity:  800 pax | Hotel Jen Penang’s central location in Georgetown makes it a convenient base for exploring the city’s diversity and vibrant culinary scene. The Ballroom is a very spacious one which can accommodate 80 tables, guests can move freely, there’s plenty of space. The food prepared was very delicious, friendly staffs made sure that the customers are satisfied. However the service is not efficient enough to handle a big crowd such as delay in the food being served.

hotel jen penang garden wedding

hotel jen penang wedding ballroom romantic

hotel jen penang wedding ballroom

Photo by Jooi Wah | Nov 2015 | 80 tables wedding reception at Pinang Ballroom

simple ballroom
Pinang Ballroom

Chinese Set Menu:
1. Fresh Prawns Salad & Fruit Cocktail | Shredded Roasted Duck with Jelly Fish | Steamed Spinach Oyster Roll with White Sauce | Deep Fried Prosperous Money Bags | Batter Fried Fish with Mayonnaise
2. Emperor’s Soup with Fish Lips, Sliced Mushrooms and Crab Meat
3. Deep Fried Boneless Chicken with Chinese BBQ Sauce and Fried Onion
4. Braised Sea Asparagus with Black Mushrooms and Broccoli
5. Fried Prawns with Mayonnaise & Ginger Flower
6. Steamed Red Lion Teow Chew Style
7. Fried Rice Wrapped in Lotus Leaves
8. Honeydew Sago Melon

Other photos from hotel’s website:

pool side dining
modern pool
colorful lounge


Nov 2017

The Hall where the event took place was spacious enough, everyone of us can move freely. The food prepared was very delicious, and the staff were very friendly and have concern for customer satisfaction.

May 2016

Wedding hall is really big one, good for big number of people, the drinks.finished in the middle of the wedding they bring from somewhere as they were not ready to handle this big crowed, the staff were friendly but not serving the guests in an acceptable time.

Outside the hotel not much of things to do as a foriegner in penang, maybe I just needed a good orientation, there is seven eleven store just cross the road, a mall next door, taxis are avilable infront of the hotel.

Hotel Jen Penang by Shangri-La (formerly Traders Hotel)


FB Page:

Add: Magazine Road, George Town, Penang, 10300, Malaysia

Tel: (60 4) 262 2622

Wedding Packages 2020:

RM1088 nett – RM1418 nett per table

Capacity:  800 pax


penang city


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