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Inspiring Wedding Cinematography by RC Studio

It is RC Studio’s relentless effort and energy of capturing every memorable moment possible that result in such inspiring and comprehensive wedding videos. The wedding cinematic films are captured in a natural way, documenting the beauty of the wedding often with a background full of character.

The edited footage is precise and sweet with interesting cutaways for instance the aerial view of the wedding venue’s surrounding, close-up shots of people or the dramatic wedding rings motion. There is sometimes slo-mo with dolly shots – in and out camera movement to dramatize the wedding story as well as to showcase the details of the wedding in a clearer way.

Wedding videos are precious wedding memorabilia. RC Studio makes sure that they are something worth remembering by creatively incorporating the gorgeous wedding venue, decorations, ceremony details, thematic invitations, wedding vows and most importantly the priceless emotions.


The wedding cinematic film is captured in a natural way, documenting the beauty of the love story often with a background full of character.

Love this cinematic film which is modern and fun

Beautiful wedding venue and ceremony

RC Studio creatively incorporates romantic scenes, touching vows and the gorgeous venue in this outdoor wedding

RC Studio

Add: 22A, Jalan Pusat Perniagaan, Raja Uda 1, Jalan Raja Uda, 12300 Butterworth, Penang

Tel: +6016-494 3380


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