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Images that Come Alive | Kamalesan Photography

I believe a creative photographer sees things differently. Kamalesan Kamalakaran (Kamalesan Photography) is absolutely amazing at making his images come alive. He has a vision in every shot to get the right angle, composition and lighting. Indian weddings are extremely colorful and vibrant. While the focus is placed on the main subject, the environment is not neglected. With all the activities and rituals happening, it takes a true professional to capture the best exact moment in time when everything comes together to tell a story.

The bride’s emotion, wedding ritual happening.. the best moment is captured

This image really comes alive
He conducts photography workshops
While the focus is placed on the main subject, the environment is not neglected.
So vibrant and colorful

Jul 2017
I have done a whole survey on Malaysia wedding photographers for my wedding. You should take time to search for Kamalesan Photography, Sivash Photography and Dior studio.
Mar 2018
Beautiful shots, and the bride looks gorgeous. Very nice master.
Nov 2012
Kamalesan Kamalakaran, i think u hv been blessed with a wonderful gift n ur doing the right thing by making ppl’s life’s beautiful… still mesmerized with the shots n video from Rubesh Arumugam n Yamunah Samynathan wedding…

Kamalesan Photography

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Tel: Kamalesan K: 012-666 1253 | Kasthury P: +6 012-634 1814
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