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Wedding Photographer – Keda Z. Feng

Born in 1986, now in his mid twenties, Keda already had an extensive list of awards under his belt. One would not doubt this fact after seeing the work he created. With a flair for art, he turns real-life love experience, and emotions into aesthetic images. He started his own bridal studio; Enya Mareine Wedding Gallery and became a successful entrepreneur at the tender age of 24. He is no more attached to Enya Mareine now.

Take a look at how he shoots and transforms actual scenes into gorgeous art work:

Some award winning master pieces: Master Photography Awards (MPA) 2010

overseas classical wedding
MPA 2010 Winner of the “Overseas Classical Wedding” category

Master Photography Awards (MPA) 2011: Rest of World Portfolio Photographer of the Year

great photog
MPA 2011 Rest of World Portfolio Photographer of the Year, Keda Z. Feng

How much do you want your pre-wedding photos go through PP (Wedding Acronym)? Do you like the fantasy photos which are digitally manipulated? Read this interesting article about “Photography vs Image Making” by Roger Overall describing camera skills vs computer skills. He writes that photography is shifting away from the instant of capture in favor of post editing, quoting Keda Feng. I personally think digital manipulation; some filtering, color toning, focusing.. is perfectly fine. However I still cannot appreciate extreme processing to the extent that the bride and groom look like anime characters.

surreal wedding photo
Image that looks cartoon’ish to me
bride with a big veil
Perfectly executed photo-taking and editing

Here’s an article about this successful PG on Master Photography – Keda Z.

Comments about Keda:
Ross Dean (UK Wedding photographer) @ Jan 2012 says:
“I also love the work of Keda.Z from Malaysia, whose work is just mind-blowing and so, so stylish.”

T @ May 2010 says:
“Pictures and dresses were from a bridal house in JB, Malaysia called BNY
Gallery. The photographer was Keda Z. Feng. He was amazing, young,
talented and full of energy! He has won many international awards in the
past few years!”
SHARCS @ Dec 2011 says:
“Do you know Keda Z? The very famous photographer in Malaysia. I really
love the way he edit his picture. Does anyone know how did he edit his
picture? I really eager to learn the techniques of Keda Z. The tone is
not too much and really ease my eyes to look at it. “

Keda Z. Feng
Website: (Website is up!)
FB page:
Tel: +60167124745

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