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Korean Concept Wedding Photography | Korea Artiz SS2

The selling point ok Korea Artiz Studio (KAZ) is the mood of the photos, Korean concept photography style, makeup and hair. However the packages are not exactly cheap. If you have the budget for it, you will be very happy with the results as there is a team of people specializing in different areas to help you create your most memorable wedding photos.

Customers complimented their Consultant – Evon who meticulously arranges all the appointments and keeps the clients updated when the dates are near. Helpful assistants Carmen and Ah Hao, Jasmine & Nicole – experienced gown consultants. Tze Pei’s makeup is simple but clean and nice. Jina creates gorgeous Korean makeup and hair. Photographer Song is skillful in capturing the best moments. PG Youn produces excellent photos. Alan the photo album designer who is talented and very accommodating to the clients requests. (Reviews here)

To be improved: Their pictures look nice, but they should supply a bigger selection of gowns and have a proper gown tracking system.

korea concept bridal shop

glittery photo technique
korean drama inspired
Korean man in glasses made popular by Winter Sonata?
red rose vertical
hanging garden
Just be natural

cute face
#koreanupdo with tiara. multi-shots in square. Holding your own photo. Korean concept.

manequin impersonation
mannequin impersonation
natural photography
Korean style photography is about the mood

sitting on ladder

rustic feel
#koreanupdo with hairband

mirror images

Dec 2017
I had to say that their pictures look nice, but if you’re a bride who thinks wedding gown is important, don’t think Korea Artiz Studio is a good choice, and their gown tracking system is very bad. They should supply more nicer wedding gown and have a more proper gown tracking system.
Aug 2017
From the 1st met until the end of the photo shooting session, KAZ really provides the best service ever. First of all, a very big thanks to Debbie for her professionalism in handling customers’ needs, everything goes so smooth throughout the whole photo shooting session. Next, we would like to thanks to Evon for being such responsible and responsive in arranging all the appointments from beginning until the end. She was very alert with the dates of all the arrangements and kept us updates when the dates are near. Next, we would like to thanks Jasmine, our gown consultant who provides me her professional opinions when I can’t make up my mind on which to choose. Then, I would like to thank Tze Pei, my make up artist for turning me into a princess for the pre-wedding photo shoot session. I love her make up skills, simple but clean and nice. We would also like to thank Song for being such a great photographer in capturing our best moments throughout the photo shooting session. Not forget to thank Carmen and Ah Hao for all your efforts to make sure we were always in our best conditions and positions throughout the whole photo shooting session. Furthermore, we would also like to thank Alan, our photo album designer for being so skillfull in turning our photos to become so beautiful and nice in the photo albums. He was very patient in assisting and fulfilling all our requirements regarding the photos and at the same time provided us his professional opinions.
Jan 2017
Great service!! Thanks ms grace????
Jan 2017
Currently I’m looking for local studio that offer with Korean pre wedding indoor studio style services. I know at the moment around klang valley, Korean artiz studio is the most famous.
However, their package is not cheap and come with a lot of chargers to customers which
they mention so called as “no hidden charges”.
Jan 2014
The selling point to me with Korea Artiz was the Korean feel of their photos.
Our experience was actually pleasant. The service was good even after we signed up. Also, we are out –of- towners and don’t mind that there wouldn’t be any outdoor shooting. The gowns were nice, too. My wife was even lucky enough to fit into the Vera Wang gown that they have so that’s what she ended up wearing.
Feb 2014
I spent RM6K for my package but I did not get the results I expected. I think for the same price or even lower I could have hired a high end photographer who is among Asia’s best.
Korea Artiz Studio, SS2

ss2 building

FB Page: 

Add: 76, Jalan SS2/24, 47300 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
Phone: +603-78779199 / +603-78653803

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