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La Sposa Bridal Gallery SS2 PJ

La sposa is foreign language which means “the bride” in Italian.


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MUA Candy is friendly, nice and the girls were satisfied with her makeup. A few ladies were positive about PG Kwong’s skill and they liked his work, more than the other PG Wilson. Lasposa has a big selection of gowns, there is no segregation of VVIP collection, you can select all the gowns in the shop as long as it has not been booked by another BTB. Besides the gowns are in good condition.

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Sep 2017
Limited choices and if u’re an M size.. It’s a bit hard ????

Positive comments: 
The team including Candy’s make up; dressed up many looks that suited me perfectly. Also accommodated in speaking English to my fiancé. Look for Daphne, awesome SA! Very helpful, friendly and bubbly. I’m a happy bride from Lasposa 😀 Awesome service, great bridal photography, love the skill and simplicity in capturing beautiful moment by Kwong. Highly recommended Luv my wedd photos taken by Wilson n Lasposa got very friendly staffs such as Daphne n Fiona! Extensive wedding gown choices. 🙂 the manager and staff are quite helpful and friendly….especially Alvin and Fiona. good service.

Negative comments:
Promise a lot under deliver. They made mistakes with my package — lost a lace gown, slipped up with the pre-wedding shoot date and was slow on delivery. It’s less than a week before the wedding and I don’t have a damn cheongsam!

Jun 2020

My husband and I engaged Lasposa Bridal Gallery for our pre-wedding photoshoot and gown rental packages and we are very happy that we did it. Despite living overseas and it can be difficult to make arrangements, they were very professional and ensured that nothing was forgotten and took care of all the details. We felt very comfortable and trusted them fully throughout the entire process, which encompassed the photoshoot journey up till our actual wedding days with gown rentals, car ribbons (netting ball), and bouquet.

The photoshoot especially, was such a pleasure! They really took our requests and preferences into account and we love all the pictures – we have also gotten so many compliments from family & friends! A special thanks to Daphne – you have been so amazing and thank you for making our wedding journey so much more special.

Would highly recommend Lasposa Bridal Gallery to everyone!

Lasposa Bridal Gallery

Website: lasposa.com.my
FB page: fb.com/Lasposa
Add: No.6, Jalan SS2/75, 47300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Tel : 03 – 7877 1782

  • tracey
    July 2, 2012 at 2:25 pm

    actually I prefer wilson's photography more. It's more natural and journalistic.

  • Anonymous
    September 5, 2012 at 5:30 am

    So far, my experiences with the BS has been well. No complaints over their service level. Loved the shots taken, now waiting to see the design layout of the album – has just submitted our choice of photo over the weekend. Below are the people who we have dealt with:
    Sales rep – Stephanie & occasionally Elvin
    Makeup artist – Candy
    Photographer – Wilson
    Videographer – Wan (From De-Casamia)
    Asst member – a kind Indo lady
    Wilson's photography was good! Out of the 460 shots taken, we had difficulty in selecting the best 50 for the album, because nearly a third of the total (about 150) were so nicely taken we just could not decide which were the better ones (among the 150). Thus we ended up buying the (150) lot of softcopies in the end ^_^
    All in all, Lasposa (to us) has been a pleasant and worthy choice. Perhaps I may be one of the lucky ones, but I will definitely recommend this BS and highly compliment their services (especially make up & photo shots)

    • Le Ann
      September 9, 2012 at 4:30 am

      thanks for the comments, appreciate it.

  • Anonymous
    November 22, 2012 at 9:44 am

    anyone care to share on the packages?

  • Winnie Chan
    September 18, 2013 at 3:00 pm

    I signed up the package because I like the Kwong’s photograph and natural make-up, hair do by Candy Choy as well as their service. Candy Choy (MUA), she is friendly. I have communicated with her on my desired bridal looks and she really worked it out to me! During two days of PS, Kwong showed serious face sometimes but my hubby and I had well coordinated with Kwong because we believed in his professional. Well, I’m quite satisfied with the overall pre-wedding photo. I have chosen the indoor studio photo more than outdoor photo which is unexpected. A really big thank you to BS named Daphne. She is helpful, patient and enthusiasm in handling the development of album design and choosing wedding gown. I have dealed with another BS named Sophia who is friendly too. You will find its worth to sign up package at LASPOSA @ SS2 not only the wide range of wedding gown but also their Service & Professional!

  • Krys
    May 10, 2014 at 3:16 pm

    My husband and I have just finished taking our pre-wedding photos with Lasposa. We signed up for their package late November last year and our wedding is scheduled for November 2014. From the beginning, we were attracted to Lasposa because the sales staff Daphne is friendly and patient. She is a star. Every question we had was dealt with patiently, every request was accommodated to. In the days leading up to the pre-wedding shoot, I had many, many questions. Some I asked by way of telephone calls, some by e-mails and all of my questions were responded to almost immediately, with professionalism and patience. During the dress selection process, Daphne was very helpful. She was very responsive to suggestions, she made great recommendations. I had my grandma, my mom and my sister along. She also treated them with utmost kindness. During the pre-wedding shoot, Eve did my make up and she did an amazing job. I was initially very worried about the heavy make up but during the photos, the make up looked so natural, I was well pleased. Kwong was our photographer and he was very professional. He gave great directions, made jokes, and was very patient. In the selection for a bridal studio, I believe that service is the distinguishing factor. I've heard plenty of nightmarish stories about bridal studios who treat couples well at the point of signing up for packages, and once you've paid the deposit, the service start to deteriorate, thankfully so far we have had no bad encounters. We still have a good distance in our journey with Lasposa, photo selection, actual day dress selection, actual day photography, but so far, we have no complaints. Hope this helps all the couples out there in their selection. Happy planning!

  • Zil
    June 3, 2014 at 4:30 am

    I am upset with La Sposa and I am still upset with it after some months of photoshoot. I am too naive to have believe all the good comments in the internet and never thought to myself where are the average or bad comments? I am a lazy person who do not do much survey. Went to La Sposa and sign up its package paying >4k (its minimum). Everything on sign up days looks good and I just want to sign up on that day though my husband to be keep telling me we should look around. But the sales service was so good and I fail to resist. Now I regretted badly.

    What is true and what was not from the internet?
    – Eve (MUA) is good: TRUE. She is really good. Friendliest person in the shop. 2nd friendliest is the kakak (maid). Eve work is also good. I am impressed and felt wanted to get her for my actual day.
    – Kong is friendly: Not true. He only talk to us to fill up the form and ask us to sign. The rest is just giving instruction how to pose to what he like (which turn out to be not natural, not the very me) and being very sarcastic when u post something he think not nice. Real Yaks to his personality. We crack joke ourselves to make the time pass happily but he just have his sour face throughout. it's really awkward. Ok. if that's his personality, keep to himself, don't like to talk, moody look all the time, just be it. But i can't stand to see ppl praising him to be friendly. That's just not true at all.
    – Kong is professional? Not true – self taken photos are nicer than the one taken by him. Every pose he just simple take a few and say "bye bye". Then we were like what does that mean? oohh.. means u can go now and change background or change clothes. We get to know that after his sarcastic remarks "sing mok dit". ok…. so kurang ajar.
    – La Sposa is professional? Not true – they are very contractual to cover their ass ba. So could be true as in professional to have all sort of paper trail asking you to sign but no effort to get your actual feedback. Everything they ask u is meant to fill up a form and to ask u to sign. They give open end question: Any colour u don't like? any pose u don't like? any place u must take? all questions without giving any sample to let u answer properly. Nothing cross my mind that I dislike so I say "no". eventually i sign a paper which says i am ok with everything.

    I have a lot more to write, let me continue next time.

    one thing, when we sign up, the guy confidently said, "I don't you have not done survey and hard to decide, but trust me, just google our name on line, you will see how others are satisfied with us". After our photoshoot, I thought to myself, would those review all be fake? how come they make me feel so sad. So I wonder is it because I didn't find enough review? I thus try to google if any bad comments or critic, hmm.. can't find any. Hmm.. one sided review, everything is good and perfect.

    P/S – after photoshoot, i was upset. after photo selection, i am ANGRY. out of 140 photos taken, my first filter with lots of KIV already deselect 100 photos that will be a definite NO NO. From review above, i read that they need to choose from 450 photos. Now I wonder, why I only get 140 photos to choose from? I am more angry now.

    I have more to write but I got to go. More things that make me angry pop up my mind. Let me share next time when I can post this very first post.

  • Krys
    June 10, 2014 at 4:48 am

    This is an update to my review of 10 May 2014. I'm sorry to hear that Zil had a bad experience with Lasposa but I wanted to make clear that my comments still remain valid.

    At our pre-wedding photo shoot, I had doubts about my dress selections and I found the experience to be quite uncomfortable. Furthermore, it was raining when we went out to do our outdoor photos but I found that the photographer was always pleasant, and patient with us. A few times he also made the "bye bye" comment but I think that is just his nature, and the nature of his job is demanding and physically tiring that it is understandable if there are moments when he demonstrates some level of impatience. For the happy shots, my husband and I also engaged in our own conversations and made our own jokes so that we are more relaxed. The photographer made no effort to make conversation with us but to me, I am fine with this approach. Speaking, joking and laughing with my husband puts me far more at ease than attempting an awkward conversation with the photographer would. Overall, I found Kwong's attitude to be professional and I did not encounter any particular issues with his mannerisms.

    My husband and I went to Lasposa to select our pre-wedding photos. We had a total of 184 photos to choose from, and our package only allows us to take up to 50 photos (any additional photos have an extra surcharge). As we are decisive by nature, and being an extremely fussy person, I was able to narrow down 50 of my favourite photos quite quickly and without hassle. I was pleasantly surprised that there was no persuasion from the sales staff for us to top up or choose additional photos.

    I was also surprised that I preferred more of the indoor photos than the outdoor ones. I found that the outdoor photos focused a lot on the scenery, not enough of our faces / expressions, but choosing both indoor and outdoor photos can add to a good balance in the books as the indoor ones had many close up shots and the outdoor ones had distance shots.

    Eve's make up skills were excellent, all the photos look very natural and the make up was subtle. In the next month, we will be going back to review the layout of the photos for the photobook and prepare for the DVD presentation CD.

  • Ymc
    June 17, 2014 at 1:22 pm

    I have encountered the same issue with Jil, but my photographer is Wilson.
    I have read a review that Kwong is not friendly and thus I go for Wilson.
    And here my superb regretful on my decision.
    Same attitude that he showed his impatient when we are not able to post the way he want.
    And he is rushing back when we took photo at outdoor.
    It is suppose to be happy when took pre wedding photo but end up I feel very sad on that day.
    We are bride and groom, we are not model, what are you expected from us??!
    Other than photographer, overall is good for me.
    Thanks god that I'm only met one person that I dislike over there.

  • LS
    August 22, 2014 at 10:14 am

    Hi~ Just sharing some of my experienced with Lasposa. I took the package last year. My photographer is Wilson, I think he is good and creative, and the whole pre-wedding photo session is going smooth and not as tired as we thought. My husband and me also found that he is quite professional and efficiency. For eg; if our posing or anything goes wrong in the photo shooting he will correct us and redo again immediately, and the outcome was good. Make us feel comfortable and not that tired, rather than took a lot of photos but outcome is not you aspect for. Thus, we have to choose 50 photos from 200-300 photos. My sales rep is Peggy. My first met her was during the Wedding Fair, as I have done quite a lot of surveys and comparison from Wedding Fair & online before I made up my decision. I feel she is quite friendly, different from other bridal shop that keep on forcing and giving you pressure to choose them during the WF, and their package price is very reasonable. Not like OTHERS BS, a lot of hidden charges. Eg; They divided wedding gown in certain group and that will have added charges (some even extra RM 800, and the gown still looks old fashion, this was what my friend has experienced from other BS). Besides that, I feel the workers there all are quite helpful and friendly(Sophia, kakak & etc), able to offer help and suggestions/opinions when you need it.
    Therefore, I feel very happy and no regretful at all for choosing them. And I feel very happy, enjoy during my preparation for my wedding and without any depression. Whenever my friend asking about my pre-wedding photo package they also found it is at reasonable price and photo was nice. They do like it very much, and one of my friend has just signed their package recently!

  • YN
    August 30, 2014 at 4:32 pm

    Dear all, just wanted to share my splendid experienced with LaSposa. Had my wedding package signed early this year around March and Pre wedding photo shooting taken place in May. Truly speaking, my husband and I do not encounter any issue with our photographer, Ah Kwong nor any of the sales person in LaSposa. They are indeed friendly and easy going people. I am sorry to hear that Zil had encountered a bad experience. To me, Ah Kwong had projected his professionalism and giving clear instructions throughout the photo shooting session. Well I guess is personal preference and how you look at things at times. My husband and I truly enjoyed throughout the whole process with LaSposa.
    My engaged sales person were Peggy and Sophia which I truly felt they are friendly and helpful. "No complaint" so far as things has been going on smoothly for me. Credits should also be given to my makeup artist, Candy. Make up were naturally done without overdoing it. Most importantly, she would consult my opinion on what is my preference before the makeup session took place.
    Just viewed our photos taken and the outcome were satisfying. No regret for choosing LaSposa and would definitely recommend it to my friends in the near future. Regards, YN

  • Euphoria
    September 25, 2014 at 1:20 am

    Dear bride-to-be's,

    I am a client of Lasposa and I have no regrets with my choice. Having been to several places with friends for their wedding gown hunting, and after doing my own research, I can tell you Lasposa is very good.

    I love that they have no limit on the kinds of dresses for selection. There is no such thing as "limited edition" or "upgrade" collection. You can choose ANY gowns in the shop that are available (except the ones on sale). The collection is very updated and big.

    Also, I went for gown selection and I changed my mind about the 2 dresses. I called Peggy (my go-to sales person) and she totally just allowed me to change my choices. She even tried to find the specific ones I saw on their website. No questions asked. She has patience and professionalism..and also, that girl is super happy all the time, which makes my experience so much more comfortable.

    I love my makeup artist Candy also. She may appear fierce but she is rly a chatty person to be with. I love love love her makeup! So natural!! She was very accommodating and listened to the kind of styles that I expect. She goes with the flow. And she is awesome on our Ipoh photo shoot road trip.

    My photographer was Kwong. I know Zil said she had a bad experience with him. I did a two day shoot with Kwong. One indoor and another day outdoor in Ipoh. Kwong directs alot for our indoor photoshoot, and after seeing our photos I don't blame him. We look so natural and good! I think we all have to trust that he is the experienced one. He knows what looks good in pictures. I know he likes to say bye-bye, but to me that is not rly rude. I mean, even DJs on radio do that too, to save time (eg. listen to One FM DJ Kean at night, and you will know what I mean.

    Kwong was more relaxed and let us experiment more when we were in Ipoh. I think it was probably because of the different kind of setting and place. Indoor photos are tricky as it focuses on the ppl. Outdoors is about the "feeling" and the scenery. And that's where we actually had alot of fun. He is an Ipoh boy too, so he enjoyed taking us around and talking about Ipoh. Anyway, I viewed out photos few weeks ago, and we had SOOOOO many GOOOOD ones that it was hard for us to choose! We spent 3 hours just sitting there n contemplating. In the end we forked out 1k to get more photos. Even my fiance think it was still worth it.

    I think it would be a plus if you could actually meet the photographer before hand, so that you would be prepared on who you are working with on your photos. We didn't manage to meet Kwong, but all the sample photos that we like were all consistently Kwong's work. So, no regrets there.

    Another plus plus point for Lasposa, I have been to so many bridal boutiques, most of them DO NOT print their price on their catalogue, but Lasposa PRINTS OUT the price in their price menu book.

    The price is stated there and not just quoted from the salesgirl's mouth. Other places will show you a menu of what's in their packages, but the prices are not stated. I feel this is very deceitful of them. Cos they could just quote a price based on how much they think you can afford and then negotiate from there. I didn't like it. Which was why Lasposa was my choice. I told them my budget is RM5k, and they showed me fixed prices printed out in their book. I love that kind of honesty.

    I already recommended Lasposa to my friends. No regrets baby!


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